Give each river and each mountain a warm name

Stranger I also bless for you

Wishing you a bright future

— haizi

● western sichuan, located in the eastern part of the qinghai-tibet plateau, and the great hengduan mountain area, the complex topography and geological structure make this primitive and mysterious place of the plateau lake xingqiluo. And those hidden in the mountains and forests of the lakes, a hundred years, independent, humble and open-minded haoze side pure land.

● why small series are willing to put these plateau haizi, metaphor into a gentleman, because, they all have the same temperament: wash.

Body element storage, by month to return to true.

Carry the stars, carry the song you people.

Water today, the predecessor of the moon.

Every lake in western sichuan is like a gentleman. Next, small make up to give you the details of the 10 “gentleman” story.


10. Seven lakes of bam

The duke of insolence,

Is the gentleman of haizi in western sichuan – ruanji,

Is located in the remote, boundless mountains and wild.

Few know it, and between the winds,

But it remains defiant.

Ruan ji poem said: who can not see, the birds know my heart.


09. Card SaHu

Proud birthday,

Is the gentleman of haizi in western sichuan – “tang Yin”,

People live in traffic strongholds, but they only watch from a distance.

The spring and autumn are the most beautiful seasons,

The folk customs of tibetans nearby are peaceful and quiet.

It’s beautiful, but no one wants to know.

Tang Yin poem yue: peach blossom anum in the peach blossom wood, peach blossom anum under the peach blossom fairy.


08. Rules for preserving jade in the New Year

Lord of the brave,

Was the gentleman of haizi in western sichuan – “xiang yu”,

The mountains here are majestic and majestic, full of masculinity;

Mountain scale, continuous continuous;

Lakes are dotted with silver waterfalls.

Unfortunately, back to the famous qinghai “year baoyu rule”,


Li qingzhao said: life as a hero, death is also a hero.


7. Mr Wang hai

The king of dreams,

“Li shangyin”,

Ethereal sea, dreamlike sea.

Repose amid the peaks, the glaciers erode,

Pine gongwei, grass MAO wind light king of shu mountain.

Cloud cover fog cover all year round, light smoke curl.

Xuefeng zhi around, lush forests, people almost cut off.

Li shangyin poem said: the sea pearl tears, lantian day warm jade smoke.


6. The wuxuhai

Handsome prince,

Is the gentleman of haizi in western sichuan – “wang bo”,

Primeval forests and wide meadows surround the lake,

The lake is green and transparent, and the environment is quiet.

The ancient trees are twisted with roots and branches climbing and winding,

The azaleas reach out to the lake,

Make wuxu appear primitive and primitive,

Place oneself among them, as if enter fairyland.

Wang bo shi said: sunset landscape quiet, for jun song sound.


05. Flower lake

Brilliant prince,

Is the gentleman of haizi in western sichuan – “naranrong ruo”,

Between the mountains, pine and cypress green miles;

In the lake light, pavilions and islands reflect each other.

The gull and crane spread their wings, the fish swarm, the thousand sails race,

The bright blue waves are still charming

Naran rong if poem said: life if only such as first see, what autumn wind sad painting fan.


04. Gourd sea

The king of heroes,

Is the gentleman of haizi in western sichuan – “xin qiji”,

Like a fiddle like a mirror,

The lake is clear and calm,

Wonderful reflection strange light and different color,

By the side of haizi,

Each of the redwoods is vigorous and vigorous,

The thick, dry needles changed from green to red.

Xin qiji poem said: I saw the castle peak more charming, expect castle peak, see me should be so.


03. Sisters lake

The king of the world,

Was the gentleman of haizi in western sichuan – “fan li”,

Haizi mountain, double lakes and yi,

It’s hard to imagine the peace and quiet after millions of years.

As god’s mercy turns to tears,

Pure and lovely.

Although it is on the main road, it is far away from the rivers and lakes.

Posterity poem say: track high dust external achievement place, a leaf pian-pian in five lakes.


02. New sea

Mighty king,

He was the gentleman of haizi in western sichuan — su shi,

Blue sky and white clouds, snow-capped peaks,

Glaciers flash, mountains melt,

The green grass sparkled.

On the shore of the lake,

Ducks and fish swim in the lake.

In summer and autumn, the flowers are in full bloom,

It is a fairyland to contend with each other.

Su shi said: know jun xian bone without heat and cold, a thousand years meet at dusk.


01. Sea of milk

Easy Lord,

Is the gentleman of haizi in western sichuan – “li bai”,

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains,

The lake was clear and blue,

Mountains stop into waterfalls, exquisite elegant water color emerald blue,

Glaciers peak, mist turns to smoke,

Feather fairyland.

Li baishi said: I want to dream wu yue, overnight flying mirror lake moon.