Every time I talk about western sichuan, I will clap my chest and say to others: I do not know how many times I have been to western sichuan, like seda, miyaro this total place is only suitable for autumn. But on a trip to western sichuan the other day, I really felt a bit smacked in the face. Starting from chengdu, crossing malkang, and then all the way west, there is a pure land called soil pond.

Landang county was built in 1958, named after a natural village. “Soil”, is the transliteration of Tibetan language, from the above meaning. There is a piedmont pingba, “ba”, the Tibetan language called “tang”. Hence the name “loang tang”. God of wealth ba zi. This is also the place name of “soil pond”. With the development of the 317 route into Tibet, this sacred land began to appear before the eyes of the world.

This time I came to the place is located in zongke township of luotang county. The risimanba blockhouse in zongke township is a typical Tibetan traditional blockhouse building with the longest age and the most stories existing in aba prefecture. The nine-storey diaolou on the hillside is the highest traditional Tibetan residential building in shibo village, so it is known as “the king of Tibetan houses”.

The local traditional folk custom “yunzong”, one of the activities of “renbara festival”, kicked off in zongke township. As the first time I received hada, I couldn’t hold back my joy. Although it rained a little in the morning, it still couldn’t stop the opening of the “yunzong” festival.

Before the program begins, the village head will gather everyone in the meadow and then perform a local ritual. It was the isolation of the past that allowed them to carry on these ancient rituals. I think it’s hard to find such a pious ceremony in western sichuan.

The Tibetan people here are all warm and hospitable, capable of singing and dancing. I heard that they began to write and direct for this grand festival a long time ago. To my surprise, without professional guidance, they choreographed dances that were no better than professional actors based on what their parents learned from them.

The song “xuantian pure land, loombarra” shows the long history and simple kindness of the loomtang area. If jiuzhaigou is a paradise on earth, here is the hidden paradise. If you are interested in cultural intangible heritage, then the 27 intangible heritage sites in liangtang are the places you must go. If you are interested in scenery, the sacred mountain in the biography of king gesar awaits you.