There is a place called daocheng

I’m going there with my sweetheart

Look at the blue sky

Look at the white snow mountains

Look at the golden grass

See an autumn fairy tale

As long as it’s you

This magical and beautiful region of daocheng, on the southwestern edge of sichuan province, south of ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture. In ancient times it was called “rice dam”, which means open place in the valley in Tibetan.

There are snow-capped mountains, deep forests, glaciers, rivers, lakes, meadows and pure sky and air.

For those who are going to daocheng for the first time, I think they are more or less puzzled about how to go there.

With the development of our country, the infrastructure construction develops rapidly. Nowadays, there are more and more ways to go to daocheng, which can be summarized into three main types:

The coach

From chengdu xinnanmen bus station to daocheng, the current terminus is Aden station. If we want to get off at daocheng, we may want to tell the driver ahead of time to avoid missing the stop.

At the same time, this bus can reach Aden in one day, which used to take two days to reach. Friends can laugh happily.

Take a bus from shangri-la, yunnan province to daocheng, terminus at the new daocheng county passenger terminal. Also a day, but the road is not very good.

This is how you can take a bus to daocheng. You can pack some dry food along the way.

By car

The road from chengdu to daocheng yading is very good. You can take expressways from chengdu to kangding. In case of emergency, you may not be able to travel, so you have to go the old way. This way of driving the most appropriate!

From shangri-la, yunnan, you can take a drive to daocheng, only the road is not so good. At the same time, it is generally not recommended for novice self-driving travel.

There is also a road from lugou lake to daocheng yading, which is in bad condition. There are many emergencies on the road. Other circumstances suggest that we do not easily try, because the road no man’s land many, more trouble in the occurrence of emergencies.

Some people can also carpool through the inns of daocheng. This way, compared with taking a bus to daocheng, you can stop and take photos when you come across beautiful scenery. But it’s also a bargain for some friends, who can choose their own way.

On a plane

Take a plane to daocheng a number of airports now offer direct flights to daocheng, mainly chengdu, chongqing, xi ‘an, hangzhou, luzhou, and guangzhou.

Generally speaking, it is cheaper to fly from chongqing, luzhou and xi ‘an to daocheng, but you have to look it up online.

Other ways to get there

You can also go there by motorcycle. The more tiring part of the trip is cycling and walking. These are relative ways

Three ways for the risk factor is relatively large, because the road emergencies are more, we still need to pay attention to personal safety, it is best to go with the partners.

With that said, I believe you will have your choice of traveling to daocheng. Wish you a safe and happy journey.

Finally, I hope you can meet him or her in this magical place of daocheng and yading.