I used to pass by your world.

Daocheng Yading

There is such a place

Can see there

Blue sky

White snow mountain

Golden meadow

she says:


Are we temporarily away from the hustle and bustle of the city?

on the way

a journey of walking away

a car

Two people

From Chengdu to Aden

From impetuous to free and easy

First night of arrival in Daocheng

Let’s hold hands together and count the stars

Watching the stars

Seeing the years silent

Look at the final pure land of mind

Daocheng Aden. .

We are here!

Snowy mountains and glaciers

Meadow and forest sea

Streams and lakes

Here are all the elements of the snowy plateau

Look. . . White snow mountain

Look. . . Green lake

Look. . . Poetry and distance in the distance

Daocheng Sanshen Mountain

Xian Nai, Yang Mai Yong, Shanuo Duoji

Daocheng Sansheng Lake

Pearl sea, milk sea, five-color sea

Go to a place

Take a journey

Holding the disappearing horizon in the hand

To [the last Shangri-La]

I am very glad to meet you the most beautiful.

The most beautiful Daocheng Yading

Thanksgiving moment

To the most lovely people —

Daocheng Yading at an average altitude of 4000+

The altitude sickness “falls on schedule”

Fortunately, I met the cutest of you.

Our brothers and sisters

Simple Tibetans in the village of Aden

a smile

a story

I really like the youth hostel here.

Is an attitude

More a feeling

Time is slower. . .

A cat dog in front of the door

Sun drying

Lazy enjoyment

If you have a chance

if there is time

With her beloved

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