Autumn in the plateau seems to come faster than anywhere else.

As in qinghai.

Sometimes lonely snowflakes come in before the leaves have time to turn golden, and the snow is tinged with autumn, and the wind is talking of time.

It is like the interval of a mountain, this end of the mountain is colorful, the other end of the mountain is plain wrapped in silver.

Although compared with other places, the autumn in qinghai may not be the most beautiful, but if you come here, its autumn color, but will certainly belong to you alone.

Because, the autumn of qinghai, very low-key really.

Therefore, I like qinghai autumn, like a person has a whole world of quiet beautiful scenery.

At this time, although qinghai lake no rape flowers, no skirt flying small fresh, no green grass such as blanket, no flowers such as clusters of beautiful picture scroll.

However, it has autumn alone belongs to their own vast splendor.

Without the noisy praise of the public, the autumn of it, although slightly lonely, but it is so real, like after the world’s ups and downs of precipitation.

Since then a more lonely, but it will make people better understand it.

Walk quietly for a while here, perhaps, in the cold wind, you will hear the truth at 18 years old.

At this time, the zhuo mountain should be stripped of its green grass and look golden, with snow piled on top.

Shouting at the top of your lungs to the sky would certainly be enjoyable.

Walking on the boardwalk, looking at the cow heart mountain not far away, and then looking back at it, there is no reason to feel a kind of indescribable atmosphere.

Autumn, this time if you want to ask the most gorgeous place in qinghai, that mutual assistance beishan must be on the list.

Cars and horses slow, yunshui yao, all over the mountains and fields of color forest picturesque, such as drunk general yan hong, swaying branches of countless amorous feelings.

Sahuan cattle and sheep, from the valley to the hillside, and as if to add a brilliant color to nature.

And xianmi forest farm, it is like a poem in the distance, like the painter’s fairy tale.

Chase river is winding and swift, cliff stands on both sides, colorful forest manbu mountains and valleys, the sun said the time of brilliant, white clouds stretch the beauty of the years.

And delingha, which is covered with autumn colors, should be the most fantastic scenery.

Distant mountains towering, near the golden grass flat horizon, river meandering, the gorgeous scenery, let a person enchanted, let a person cannot help but want to embrace the sky in front of.

At that moment, I may think of haizi, the poet, who can wreak havoc on the vast ocean but has no place to express his emotions.

My hands are empty at the end of the prairie, and I cannot hold a tear in my grief. Sister, tonight I am in delingha, a desolate city in the rain.

If I want to calm the throb of my heart, I think, I may go to the temple.

Listening to the sound of chanting buddhist sutras from the temple, looking at the people coming and going face sincere smile, that devout faith, no autumn wind cold, but has the gentle spring breeze.

In addition, I also want to go to see the black horse river sunrise and sunset, a person, even if the snow and wind, also want to enjoy a person’s world.

And bayi glacier, because facing it, it’s like being on the wall, facing winter.

There are kambra, jinyintan grassland, riyue mountain, golmud poplar, hoh xili, the long qilian mountain…

In a word, the autumn in qinghai is like the wind blowing over the mountains and the snow falling on the yurt. It is the smoke from the grassland and the beauty of the mountains.

Let a person have no reason to like!