August has come to an end

Cool September is coming

The Tibetan line began to stir

Put on make-up in front of the potala palace

The nyo river began to change shape

The highland barley fields glowed gold

Fat cattle and sheep amble in the glow

Go to Tibet in late autumn


Tibet in autumn is the most charming

Where the soul is washed, the most shocking colors are hidden

There is the most beautiful national highway in China. It starts from chengdu and ends in Lhasa. It has two north-south routes. Every year, countless travelers make the pilgrimage in various ways. It is through the vast expanse of grassland, over the magnificent mountains, through the picturesque Tibetan villages, and the autumn sichuan Tibetan line.

Autumn in Tibet is the most exciting season. Most travelers to and from Tibet regard Lhasa as a transit station. Little do they know, Lhasa autumn is the most beautiful, picturesque, with a picture! The sky is still blue, but the temperature is gradually cool; The earth is strong in color; Fat cattle and sheep wander about on the golden grassland; Under the snowy mountains, there is poetry.

Nyingchi, known as Tibet small jiangnan, full of surprises everywhere here, someone said, you missed nyingchi spring, must not miss nyingchi autumn, because nyingchi autumn, more romantic than spring. Every autumn in October, here has become a very gorgeous world, intoxication, the United States is beyond words!

Although the same autumn scenery, xigaze has a unique charm of autumn. Because there is the purest blue sky and white clouds and silver snow mountains in the background, there is the unique Tibetan buddhist temple in the world of the red wall of the golden roof, white pagoda and five-color prayer flags of the cultural background…

There is a place, it is in my heart, is heaven, the most pure piece of land, as if filled with the thoughts of visitors, because the people who came here, have left this emotion here, no matter how the time changes, no matter how the years change, never take this thought away! It is Tibet ali! Autumn in ali is like heaven.

Qamdo, in Tibet, yunnan, sichuan, green four provinces at the junction of the unique geographical location, its appearance is colorful and diverse, colorful appearance, and the snow plateau unique environment, is endowed with her mysterious and pure charm. Qamdo autumn, also do not have a charm.

August horse racing festival after, you think that song will stop for a while, who knows, that song the most beautiful season is really coming.

If you have ever been a fan of summer in shannan, then you must not miss the autumn in shannan, the autumn in shannan is no less than summer. In fact, from August, the pace of autumn has come, it is the first to visit the highland highland barley field, time passes every day, the autumn sun drives the rainy season farther, the blue sky tumbling up the golden wheat waves, has been rolling to the foot of the snow mountain. From the end of the summer that the green meaning of lingering to be rendered gorgeous autumn, all sprinkled on the land.