Ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, referred to as ganzi prefecture, is located in western sichuan province, southeast of the kang-tibetan plateau. It is the largest Tibetan area in sichuan. Gongga Mountain and other famous mountains, including jinsha river, dadu river, yalong river and other major rivers, snowy mountains, plateaus, gorges and grasslands, have diverse natural scenery.

If you don’t have time to go to Tibet, you can choose to come to ganzi, because here you can see the same scenery as Tibet.


Located in donggu township, 21 kilometers southwest of Dunbar county seat. Here is Dunbar’s refuge, Dunbar beauty valley and so on.

Dunbar Tibetan village and watchtower in architectural style, is the most distinctive jia rong shanzhai. Dunbar people organically combined two different styles of buildings, namely, diaolou and diaolou, which have both the characteristics of diaolou and the form of diaolou. Dunbar’s Tibetan settlements are most famous in jiaju, neigang, sopo and gehuizha villages. Looking far away, hundreds of houses are scattered at random in the river valley and on the mountainsides, which are dotted with clusters of green trees, making the village completely integrated into the natural environment.

Dunbar was beautiful. Most of the girls in the valley of beauty did not wear makeup. They were naturally beautiful. The beautiful people in qiongshan village, bati town, are the best known. The town is called “beauty valley”. The whole valley is not only beautiful, but also beautiful.

Gongga Mountain

Gongga Mountain is located in the eastern edge of qinghai-tibet plateau, at the border of kangding and luding counties in sichuan province. It is the main peak of daguxue Mountain in hengduan mountains, with an altitude of 7556 meters, 141.8 degrees east longitude and 29.6 degrees north latitude. Gongga Mountain is one of the most developed glaciers in China.

Conch Gully of Sichuan

Rising from an ice – melting valley east of Gongga Mountain, king of shushan, it flows north from southwest to moxi river, a tributary of dadu river. It is a collection of natural glaciers, mountain peaks, boiling hot springs, virgin forests, wildlife and other natural scenery. Glaciers are the most spectacular here, seen from lower elevations cascading down steep canyons. Especially the great ice falls, more than 1000 meters high, magnificent extraordinary. At the foot of the mountain, the gongga snow mountain, which is covered with snow all the year round, is magnificent and awe-inspiring.

Sertar County

Along the sichuan-tibet line, after seeing a archway gate and a white pagoda, a place can give you the biggest visual shock. There are thousands of tiny wooden houses that line the hillsides like ant nests. At first glance, each house seemed to be of a similar color and structure, stacked one on top of another, covered from the valley floor to the ridge. This is known as the world’s largest buddhist college – Sertar County la wing buddhist college.

TaGong Temple

Located in tagong township, kangding county, ganzi prefecture, whose full name is “yi see ruyi liberation temple”, it is a famous temple of sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism, with a history of more than 1,000 years, and is one of the holy places for tibetans to worship in kangba area. Inside the temple is a statue of sakyamuni the same as the jokhang temple in Lhasa.

Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading

Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading, also known as Yading Scenic Spot, is located in the south of Daocheng county, ganzi state. It is mainly composed of the three sacred mountains of “xian nai ri, Yang mai yong, xia nuodoji” and the surrounding rivers, lakes and alpine meadows. It is one of the most well-preserved natural ecosystems in China. It is known as “the last pure land on the blue planet” because of its unique landform and original natural scenery.


Mugucuo, known as wild man sea in Chinese, also known as daizi, is the largest alpine lake in northwest sichuan province. The water quality is cool and the visibility is close to 10 meters. Here you can tour the mountains, play in the water, soak in the natural hot springs, enjoy a variety of beautiful natural attractions.

Xinduqiao town

Located in the western region of kangding city, ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, sichuan province, xindu bridge is a fascinating “photography paradise”, a picturesque and poetic paradise. Magical light, boundless grassland, winding streams, golden cypress trees, rolling mountains, scattered among Tibetan villages, cattle and sheep eating grass peacefully… The plain in the west of sichuan is beautifully blooming. This is xindu bridge, a fascinating “world of light and shadow” and “paradise of photographers”.

Tagong prairie

Located in tagong town, kangding city, ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, sichuan province, tagong grassland enjoys a picturesque scenery in summer and autumn. On the grassland, various kinds of wild flowers bloom in full bloom and become colorful. When the tourists walk in the sea of flowers, the sense of ecstasy. In the early morning, scattered on the grassland of herdsmen in the black tent smoke curl, always wafted to bursts of milk incense, tea incense.