The believers in the Sichuan-Tibet line are eager to worship: while reading the six-word mantra, while holding hands together, holding their heads high, and then taking a step; hands continue to fit together, move to the front, and take another step; hands folded to the chest, the third When stepping, the hands are removed from the chest, parallel to the front of the ground, palms down to the ground, knees first land, then the whole body is tilted to the ground, the forehead slams the ground, and then stands up and restarts.

Belief in the Tibetan Plateau

Devoted Tibetans

On the road to faith

Regardless of age regardless of gender

Only for sincere piety

Sincerity flowing out of your eyes

I hope that the holy mountain of Tibet can sense

Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter

This is a busy devout road

This is the belief on the Sichuan-Tibet line.

Among Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet

The belief that the Year of the Horse turns the goat to the lake

Gang Rinpoche and Nanga Bawa are among the three major mountaines in Tibet

Namtso, Yamdrok, and Mabianocuo are the three holy lakes in Tibet.

The Sichuan-Tibet line is not only a landscape avenue

More is the road to faith

When do you want to go?