The cold winter

Here’s a beautiful view of namco’s stunning ice sculptures

Namco palm stone

Icy peaks glowed with light

And the blue depths of the lake

There is a beauty called winter namco

Tender feelings of the holy lake more a cool

Thousands of miles of frozen namtso but few people

More a quiet and serene

Are you still in summer

Namtso slipped it on

A white winter coat

Waiting for the friend

Namtso is not alone in winter

And the pious yogi

Turn the lake while shaking the prayer tube and saying the truth

When the winter sun shines on the holy lake

The ultimate world of ice and snow

Only blue sky and snowy mountains

The glacial lakes glow with each other

The holy scenery was unforgettable

Even when it’s freezing

How can I have such a cute pet

What does it seem to understand in its eyes

What kind of place is namtso in Tibet

Namtso in summer is a dreamy paradise

In winter, namtso is more stunning and cool

Who could be more beautiful than namtso in winter