Kangting is a charming small city in ganzi prefecture, sichuan province. Its beautiful yo-yo melody makes it popular all over the world.

Kangting is rich in tourism resources, which is only 40 minutes away from the city by car.

There is a fang lawn in Kangting love song scenic area, which is an important scenic spot in the first half of the tour. Here, there are continuous mountains, luxuriant grass and clouds, which look like a fairyland and have the charm of a European fairy-tale world.

A few cattle and horses live here in leisure. They sit quietly and have a rest, or slowly nibble the grass, looking comfortable and comfortable.

At the height of the wildflower cluster was a small wooden house, a sort of fairy tale hut, built specially for the shooting of let’s pass through.

The visual picture comes alive with the appearance of a cabin on the open lawn.

The lawn was like a large carpet spread over the valley, with red, white, yellow, purple, pink, and blue flowers all over it. This is a great spot for portraits, and with flowers in the foreground, it’s easy to get a little fresh look.

Fang lawn is over 3,000 meters above sea level. There are many plateau plants as well as luxuriant grasses, which spread from the mountains to the valleys and present a vigorous atmosphere of life.

Although the altitude is high, but because of the lush vegetation, we did not have high symptoms in the fang lawn.

We or stand, or sit, quietly enjoying the “spring is full of beauty” in front of us, watching the floating clouds flowing posture, do not feel intoxicated.

Stay in such heaven and earth is comfortable, it lets a person forget all worry, in the eye only good.

“The original castle peak is with me, with white clouds in front of me”, we dance in the flowers, singing in the grass, although not like the local singing so charming, but it sang a free and easy feeling.

I think the plateau people can sing and dance, and the living environment. Facing boundless grassland, flower ping, haizi and lofty mountains, do not give birth to lofty feelings is difficult.