Many people must have heard of kangding’s love songs, which are so famous. Also because of this song, so many people know sichuan has a beautiful city called kangding. Kangding is a place with special customs, the name is very loud, however, many people have heard of this city, but few people set foot to visit. Today we will lead you to feel the beauty of kangding and the romance described in kangding’s love songs.

Kangding is a city with a long history, and it is a place where ethnic minorities live together. There are many Tibetan, hui, qiang, yi and other friends living together in a friendly way here. The county covers a total of 11,600 square kilometers and is located on the western sichuan plateau. Because it is in a plateau, the average altitude here is about 2500 meters, but this altitude does not cause too much altitude, so you can feel free to visit here.

Because this is a plateau city, so the climate is very cool, summer to play is the most appropriate, both can enjoy the scenery, and can spend the heat, two do not delay. So what are some interesting places to visit? First of all, you can go to the mountains to wander around, see the mountain glaciers clear and bright, and feel the clouds surrounding the fairy. This kind of intimate contact with nature, for many people who have been living in big cities, should also be a rare opportunity to feel.

Then, take a look at the famous scenic spots here, such as the seven color sea, the red sea, medicine pool boiling spring, the black sea, fang lawn, cuckoo gorge and other places. These scenic spots have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the beauty makes people deeply intoxicated. So when visitors come to these places, they will feel nothing but the comfort brought by nature. If these scenic spots are not enough, then come to the xindu bridge to have a look, here is a good place to view and take photos.

Then there is another place that you should not miss after coming to kangding, which is the local Tibetan area of kangba. Come here, do not go to the prairie can feel the enthusiasm of Tibetan friends. Walk in the street path, everywhere can see the voice of the Tibetan men Shouting business, can also see the sincere lovely girls humming tune walking in this.

The next thing I want to do is to enjoy the songs and dances brought by these Tibetan friends and feel the romance like kang ding’s love song. So I don’t know if you would like to travel to kangding? Would you like to feel the minority feelings here? If you are interested, you may as well set your next trip as here, I believe you will not be disappointed!