Anywhere far away

There is a temptation to us all

Not the scenery

It’s seducing legends

There are two Tibet

One in the heart, one on the road

The name Tibet

Believe that many people already read hundreds of times in the heart

But for a variety of reasons, did not dare to snoop

Till I hide it in my heart

Into a distant dream



It’s a little distant, a little risky

It is hard to set out alone without fear

Hard to avoid fear of what might happen, hard to avoid fear of loneliness

So going to Tibet is a very difficult decision

Every difficult decision is made because the teacher doesn’t know what to do

It’s not difficult to go to Tibet

Because what you need, we have!

And what we do is —

Let Tibet travel, division out famous!

Take more people to Tibet, let more people know more people, in the journey to meet more interesting soul, this is our original heart!

Yunnan, sichuan and Tibet 318 — the most beautiful road to Tibet

The most beautiful scenery in Tibet is not in Lhasa, but on the road. There are countless roads to Tibet, the most beautiful of which is no other than 318.

After repeated deliberation and optimization, we have combined the most distinctive Tibetan scenery to present you with an unprecedented Tibetan travel feast.