Some people say, the best scenery, is a long separation.

Have been to so many places, have seen so many scenery, there are always some places, people reluctant to part, never forget.

Just like the wind in March and the rain in April, no matter how many times, it still feels the same.

This summer, perhaps, we should comb the memory once again.

Looking for the moment that makes you heartache!

The Mount Tai

The dazzling sunrise, is a bitter wait for several hours of sweet, the wind blowing, the clouds, the moment of light, is not forgotten the magnificent.

Qinghai Lake

Through the long autumn and winter, July qinghai lake, half is the sea of flowers, with the water and the sky, half is the youth, with laughter.


Butterflies fluttering, flowers intoxicating, that hundred miles of gold, is a can not forget the color, the mountain birds, it is the most romantic and pleasant summer.


Night stars in the sky, rising xiaguanwandao, quietly sitting on the shore, that moment, what do not think is probably the most beautiful bar!


After a long absence of 318, drink a cup of sweet tea in barkhor street, hold your breath in the potala palace, in front of jokhang temple, find a place to unload all the burden, leisurely bask in the sun.


Rent a car, along the erhai road, leisurely forward, the head is blue sky, the head is beautiful erhai, think very beautiful.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

And the beloved, once again met the romantic sunshine, along the plank walk, tell the future, the rest of life have you really good.

Lugu Lake

Sit a pig trough boat, see a sunrise and sunset, scoop up a cool and refreshing lake water to the beloved person, under the sun, the people who play, is the most beautiful youth.


Over the mountain pass of 3,700 meters, the rain collapse is like a paradise. When you wake up in the morning, you can see the beautiful figure of meili snow mountain and touch the beautiful white clouds.


The delicate bonsai like landscape, surrounded by green trees, cool streams, the 20℃ summer, is the temptation that people can not resist.

Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading

Did not meet you before, always feel is the world exaggerated your beauty, after meeting you, found that all the description of the world can not describe your style.


Take boat of a leaf, pan you li river, accompanying green hill green water, looking at cloud roll cloud shu, then steal float life half day idle.

Wugong mountain

Cool breeze, in the hot summer to a real sense of camping, see the stars twinkle, listen to insects and birds light song, feel the purest nature.

Weizhou Island

Feel the coolness of the sea, rent an electric car, take a trip around the island, take a beautiful photo, eat a seafood dinner.


The street corner snacks, the fresh and natural style, walk here every step, are the temptation to the eyes and taste buds.


No matter facing the fairy-tale landscape or the glass bridge standing on the clouds, its charm has never been questioned.


Here has the atmosphere incomparable canyon cliff, also has the beautiful exquisite landscape, this is only belongs to its north latitude 30 degrees charm. Phoenix ancient town

There has never been an ancient town, like a phoenix, like people do not forget, the heart of yearning, smoke landscape, more gentle than painting and calligraphy depicted.

Hulun Buir

Naturally, the most brilliant scenery of the grassland in a year is concentrated in summer, with flowers everywhere and fresh 20℃, which makes people couldn’t help galloping.


Desert smoke straight, river fall yen, time wind blew the camel bell in the desert, here is still hiding full feelings.


See a sunset, capture multicolor gorgeous, see a qilian, stop to linger in that crisp lush grassland, certainly very cool.


Summer it, is the season of melon and fruit fragrance, that a unique sweet belong to xinjiang, do here.


The scenery here is different from the beauty of other places, grassland, snow-capped mountains, forests, rivers, the vast earth hides too much to forget the cool.

Changbai mountains

The clear jade tianchi, the vast forests bring cool, and the waterfall, the sea of flowers, hot spring……


Although it does not have the modern prosperity of the metropolis, nor does it have too many breathtaking magnificent scenery, but its freshness and natural, but hide too many people’s time.

Sertar County

It is a place that can not be described with language, dense red house, pious attitude, here is the most desirable distance.


Here is the hinterland of the lesser khingan mountains, here is the natural oxygen bar that makes people intoxicated, here is the sea of flowers, there is the cool and refreshing at your fingertips.

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Often want to go to see the mountains and waters of jiuzhai, for fear that it is not careful, will become the memories of the sea.


In summer, it can be said to be the most poetic scenery, watching the sunrise, watching the waterfall, listening to a song lushan love in wulaofeng.

Mogan Mountain

Green as the sea repair bamboo, clear inexhaustible spring, dotted villas, summer moganshan, can be said to be the most unforgettable scenery.

Once, from your world passed by, the casual glance, has been touched.

Now, the passage of time, years fight turn, the rolling memories in my mind, is too much good picture.

About midsummer, in your heart, and hidden what story?