The world is so big, why not go to Tibet once? Feel the purest faith, feel the blue sky and white clouds without the influence of smog, and feel the snow field of the holy mountain lake in the far away place. This is the Tibet I yearn for!

The Potala Palace is a business card of Tibet. It is a world high-altitude palace that has stood for more than 1300 years. It takes 50 yuan to the back and the Potala Palace to take a picture of the occasion. It is always necessary to go through the pattern behind the 186 yuan!

Tibet, the dream that has been haunting in my heart! I always wanted to embark on a journey but I didn’t have time. My childhood dream was to travel around the world. When I grew up, I found that it was a distant dream. So why not go to Tibet on a Sichuan-Tibet line?

After I went to Tibet, I discovered that this landscape avenue is so evocative. It seems that there is a big difference between our common sights. The snowy mountains and holy lakes along the way have sacred beliefs and history!

In the early morning, the sky is still out of the hustle and bustle. The Jokhang Temple is already full of excitement. The practitioners wait for the first day to pray for a new day. The prayer wheel of the Potala Palace has already rolled round and round.

Sunshine is one of the most resounding business cards in Lhasa. It is known as the city of Nikko. It is all about the troubles, bathing in the warm sunshine, and taking a pot of sweet tea or hiding in the sweet teahouse and sitting at the window and looking outside. Often Tibetans!

The delicate Gesang flower is extraordinarily beautiful under the blue sky. Gesanghua means “happiness” in Tibetan. Colorful blooms on the side of the road, with a smile of your smiling smile!

As the most popular Sichuan-Tibet line in Tibet, in addition to enjoying the scenery all the way, the dragons praying in the mouth of the mouth, turning to the white tower, and praying like the holy mountain of the snow mountain, this is a road of faith, but also a landscape road!

Why do so many people want to go to Tibet, and someone wants to go again? This is probably the charm of the snowy plateau, the same scenery, different humanities beliefs, are you looking forward to embarking on this path of faith?