In the winter, everyone is too cold to go out, and all the attractions have entered the off-season, but do you know? The winter in Aba is not normal. Have you seen the legendary icefall? Can only say that the United States is mad! ! ! Do not believe to look down…

In winter, the high mountains, valleys and waterfalls of Aba Prefecture have formed many icicles, ice waterfalls and ice flowers because of their high altitude.

Is it a little impulsive after reading it? Want to know if this is there? No hurry, let us continue to appreciate the icefall world of Damei Aba! ! !

Bathed in the warm sunshine of the plateau, ice crystals and sleek snowflakes have a dazzling luster, shining in the world of pure white, like the dancing elves in the fairy tale world.

The ice-forming waterfall has fixed the passion of the past, but it is unintentional but shocking!

After reading most of the photos, have you guessed that the ice waterfalls in these winter suns are in those places in Aba?

Yes, this is the icefall of Jiuzhaigou, Munigou, Bipenggou and Siguniang Mountain in Aba Prefecture. Is the value of the ice high?