Mention desert, people will be because of its desolation and desolation and fear.

However, in China’s beautiful xinjiang, there are many interesting and interesting desert parks, where in addition to the traditional climbing sand dunes, riding camels, there are exciting adventure, sand skiing, etc., you can also camp in good weather, watch the sunrise, sunset, enjoy the tranquility and love of nature.

Shanshan national desert park

It is part of the kumtag desert, the closest desert in the world to a city. Sand mountain, desert sand geomorphology types complete, is a good place for vacation tourism, but also a good place for sand therapy.

Yuli national desert park

Yuli county is adjacent to the largest taklimakan desert in China. The poplar growing in the desert echoes the poplar growing in the water along the river. The vast taklimakan desert, winding and undulating, continuous, like a huge piece of silk, delicate and soft, do not see the sea of death “in and out” of fear, poplar and tamarisk inlaid in the desert, have a different scenery.

Muleimingshashan national desert park

Also known as ayeyaku, which means “desert of sound.” The strangest thing is that the fine sand flows not down, but up, like the ripples of a lake in the wind. Not far below mingsha mountain is a spring, spring from the bottom of the sand, clear and transparent, like a full moon, and around the yellow sand is vast, thousands of years has not been destroyed by it, can be called a must, but also makes mingsha mountain more magical.

Kuqa qiuci national desert park

When you hear the camel bell, qiang flute melodious, the first thing you think of is not qiuci desert, it also gives people a sense of mystery.

McGeady national desert park

McGaetty brings to mind the daerang. Dancing on the desert in such a dance flying sand, powerful tambourine, intoxicating.

Qiewei national desert park

The old folk houses and newly built halls are scattered among the paths in the trees. Calm and simple. The sand around the town was white. The town was like an island in the middle of a vast ocean. In those days, the ancient silk road has become the traffic throat in the southeast of tarim. It is a good place to enjoy the unique customs of the south silk road and desert oasis.

Yuepu lake dawakun national desert park

Davakun is called “the hometown of China’s desert scenery and tourism”. It connects the desert with the lake, stops on the edge of the desert, and sees the sunrise and sunset, which is very shocking.

Sacha kalsu national desert park

Not to xinjiang, do not know the vast motherland, do not know the shache qarsu tourist area, do not know the magnificent beauty of the west, if you come to the hot desert depths, inadvertently can enjoy the “mirage”.

Jimusar national desert park

Cross – country vehicle desert surfing tourism area most characteristic. The scenic spot will be breathtaking desert surfing and xinjiang’s ethnic culture and unique north courtyard charm organic display. The scenic spot not only allows you to experience passion in the desert, but also fully displays the unique style of xinjiang uygur nationality. Taste sweet watermelon, enjoy western customs, do not have a flavor. It is also the largest desert park in northern xinjiang.

Fukang wutonggou national desert park

This is a primitive desert world and a natural desert botanical garden. There are 24 families, 89 genera and 149 kinds of desert plants growing here. Also has the national first class protected animal wild donkey and the wild boar, the yellow sheep, the Wolf, the fox, the jumping mouse, the baby head snake, the sand jujube bird and so on more than 100 kinds of animals roam during.

Shaya national desert park

Shaya, the taklamakan desert adventure or review the north-south line optimal collocation, the Swedish explorer sven hedin, modern British expedition archaeologist Mr Israel, stein, Chinese archaeologists Huang Fangbi, Yang famous western historians, such as people, without exception not shaya, desert adventure and archaeology as the beginning or end of the line between north and south.