The beauty of Tibet, once in person, will always be deeply shocked. It is a kind of refined beauty, it is a kind of earthly beauty, it is a kind of awe-inspiring beauty, it is a kind of spiritual beauty…

The water in Tibet is the water in the sky, the roof of the world, the top of the earth must be the magic water, the magic lake. Namco of shenhu is azure and clear, yangzhuoyong is holy and magnificent, Lhasa river is charming, niyang river is graceful, basong river is quiet. The mighty Brahmaputra river trickled down from the glaciers of the Himalayas.

Cuona lake with the same color of water and sky and blue lake, anwu lake with the same color and silence, lancang river, nu river… And the nameless winding rivers. Their aura, their magic, their sanctity, you not only with the eyes to see, with the ears to hear, but also with the soul to feel. I saw the water of Tibet and saw the lakes of Tibet. What is mysterious, what is sacred. Because the water in Tibet is the water in the sky.

“Yong” means “jasper” and “wrong” means “lake”. Therefore, jasper is used to describe the fault of the various “yong” generation in the high mountains of Tibet — the magar, the yamdrok and the yong.

The distance is continuous snow mountains, near is a meadow, in front of a clear stream, cattle and sheep leisurely pace, or nibble grass, or drink water, there are white clouds above, blue sky…… This is a common sight in Tibet.

Standing at the edge of the lake, I am amazed at the flocks of swans, yellow ducks, geese, gulls and other highland birds living and flying here.

Thin blue fog floating on the lake, the lake seems to be a cage of green yarn dream.

The jagged grass flats were lined with pools of clear water that reflected the sun’s rays like mirrors in fairy tales.

The river level is like a mirror, the sun shines light on the water, like a soft halo floating on the river.

Lake blue, pure blue, blue deep zhan, also blue gentle elegant, the blue damask like lake, undulating a layer of ripples. Like a little girl that clear, blue eyes.

Lake calm like a mirror, the sun shines, beating up countless dazzling spots.

On the surface of the lake, the scales rise with the wind, accompanied by jumping sunshine, accompanied by my heart, in the chase, and play.

The water is still, shining beautifully like an infinite emerald.

Water blue, really like a sapphire inlaid on the earth.

Full of water, as in the setting sun, waves like naughty children jump uncertain, a piece of gold on the water.

Let’s go to Tibet! While the temperature is just right, while you and I not old ~