In recent years, I have visited Tibet for several times, and I can say that all the holidays in recent years have been given to Tibet. After careful calculation, I have spent nearly two months in Tibet during my six visits to Tibet in recent years. Many friends do not understand that Tibet has so much magic power that it is worth visiting again and again. Some friends who want to go to Tibet are also asking, how to go and where to see?

As a matter of fact, everyone has a different view of the world and a different preference for traveling or seeing the scenery. At my age, traveling is not for others to see or to talk about where I have been, to go to Tibet, or to pursue spiritual cultivation or salvation, but just to see the scenery I like and experience the life I like.

Fortunately, I have a good traveling companion, my wife, who has been my companion for most of my trips in and out of Tibet. The tacit understanding between lovers also makes it easier to communicate during the journey, to face difficulties together, and to travel more easily and happily.

The photos in the article are all taken by myself. The air in Tibet is transparent and light enough. Basically, there is no need to edit the pictures.

1.About going to Tibet

Located in the southwest of the qinghai-tibet plateau, with an average altitude of more than 4,000 meters, Tibet is known as the “roof of the world”. It covers 1.2 million square kilometers, accounting for about an eighth of China’s total area, seven times the size of henan province and four times the size of Japan.

The size of Tibet is not only due to its large area, but also due to its complex landform. Different elevations and regions have different landscapes. Not only snow mountains, glaciers and alpine lakes, but also grasslands and gobi, and even dense forests and flowers. Because be in highland, air is transparent and limpid, colour is more intense, the stimulation to the eye is particularly intense, let a person go to again year after year unforgettable.

Therefore, when talking about Tibet or xinjiang with my friends, I always say that unlike other provinces, if you have been to Tibet or xinjiang once, you can only say that you have been there, but if you have seen Tibet or xinjiang once, it is far from enough. You can’t have a long vacation to see Tibet, so to see Tibet, you have to go back and forth. Some people say that there are two kinds of people who go to Tibet. The other is to go and fall in love with Tibet. Maybe I belong to the second category.

Tibet is not only home to the potala palace and jokhang temple, but also to the namtso lake and yamdrok lake. Nyingchi is the south of the Yangtze river in xizang, with a low altitude and abundant vegetation. Except for the snow mountains you see from time to time, you will almost forget that you are in Tibet. Shannan, the birthplace of Tibetan culture, is the yongblakang and sanye temples. In fact, the famous yamdrok yongkao is located in the shannan area, as well as the beautiful 40 glaciers. It is said that they are no longer allowed to go there. Xigaze area is xizang agricultural area, highland barley field area is very large. Next to jokhang, the tashilhunpo temple is located in shigatse, and several of the 8,000-meter peaks in the Everest scenic area are located in shigatse. Ali area, known as the Tibet of Tibet, is known as the Tibet of Tibet. The natural conditions are very harsh. The area is as large as henan. The center of the world, kailash rinpoche, shenghu maponyung, zaatulin, and repeat one’s mistakes on the northern line of ali.

Xizang is not only big in size, but also big enough to accommodate every kind of beautiful scenery you can think of. Besides Tibet, I have also been to many Tibetan areas, such as western sichuan, qinghai, gannan and yunnan. I found a strange phenomenon that all these scenic places are Tibetan areas with high altitude and few people. In my opinion, due to the high altitude and poor living conditions, only the tibetans can survive and multiply here, and the tibetans advocate nature, coexist with nature, and do not change or destroy nature, thus preserving so many beautiful landscapes for us.

2. Altitude sickness

Now the traffic is developed, Tibet is not as difficult as before. It is said that princess wencheng had been married far away in xizang for more than two years. Now there are many channels to Tibet, the general use of direct flights, trains or self-driving, from the main cities in China by plane can reach Lhasa on the same day. But many people still regard Tibet as a dangerous place to go, mainly because of altitude sickness. Of course, everyone’s situation is different. I will only talk about my own experience.

I have visited Tibet many times, including Tibet and the scenic Tibetan areas mentioned above. In fact, I have obvious altitude sickness. I went to Tibet for the first time more than ten years ago and flew directly to Lhasa from chengdu. I did not arrange activities on that afternoon, so that I could rest in the hotel to adapt myself. The first time I went to Tibet, of course, I was quite excited. The next day, I went to jokhang temple, but it was ok. When I went to potala palace, I began to have headaches. It is a fixed route to visit the potala palace. The tour guide could not listen to the explanation any more. I got off the mountain half an hour before our team. I went to the drugstore to ask what medicine could relieve the pain, and they recommended salicylic pain, which is a kind of large pain-relieving tablet. After taking one tablet, there was a noticeable relief in half an hour. Afternoon arrangement is a shopping point, I am dead or alive not to go, the tour guide is not happy, that I also determined not to go. For the next few days, I took one in the morning and one in the afternoon, successfully completing the six-day trip without the side effects of painkillers, or at least the headache to enjoy the scenery.

Then go to high altitudes, and occasionally have a high altitude, and basically have a headache the next day. My method is simple and crude, is to take medicine to relieve the pain, ibuprofen or fenbide, very effective. After 4 or 5 days, you basically get used to not taking medicine. Do not fight hard to highland reaction, take medicine to absorb oxygen, the method that should take does not avoid, can affect the mood that visit really otherwise. The so-called body in hell, eyes in heaven, that altitude sickness is certainly not very strong. When you have a splitting headache, you see hell. Fern will see it in half an hour. Then you see heaven.

A recent trip to Tibet can be used as a reference. On the second day, he climbed to more than 5,000 meters. Gao fei arrived as expected. The car stopped at peigao, looking at the beautiful lake. After eating fern, she recovered. Honest three a day, and a day to rest in planlan, successfully completed the journey around the mountain.

So high anti – fear is not, there is a high anti properly handled does not affect travel to Tibet. As for asthmatic do not come breath that is anoxic normal reaction, not tall contrary, slow point is good. A few years ago, I went to heishicheng in western sichuan, where I stopped after walking a few steps on a small hill. It took me 40 minutes to climb the mountain in 10 minutes on the plain. This time, I passed the mountain for more than 50 kilometers, and I also walked down the hill with an altitude of more than 1,000 meters.

3.Tibet’s food and accommodation

The road conditions and accommodation in xizang are basically no problem for the new visitors. The main tourist routes are in good condition, and cars can run down. Of course, some small places are still not good, such as motuo and xinqiao. However, xizang region, limited repair conditions, to check the condition of the car, with a good spare tire. Recently two times into Tibet, two puncture tire, a battery problem, fortunately all had a close call, landing on one’s feet.

Accommodation is also like that, take the main tour route, accommodation and food are not a problem, all kinds of grade hotel have, the condition is also ok, ctrip fly pig booking is also very convenient. Besides, the higher the altitude, the more expensive it is. Take the southern line of ali for example, if it is a city like xigaze and planan, three hundred hotels will be very good, saga will be more than four hundred, and tachin should be more expensive. Eat very convenient, Tibetan meal for mainlanders most eat not used to, most restaurants are sichuan people open, spicy not spicy follow your meaning.

Ok, because the road condition of Tibet is not bad, for people who love Tibet so much, driving to Tibet by oneself is not allowed in time, only once is the chartered car to go 318, the recent several times into Tibet are planes, landing car rental self-driving, free and optional. Shenzhou car rental, ehi car rental Lhasa airport are a bit. Nyingchi has no China car rental, is looking for online. Xizang car rental prices are basically twice as high as the mainland. Before going, it is suggested to save the map offline in the navigation software of the area you want to go to, and some places have bad signal and bad online navigation.

AD nauseam write so much, if you can see here, may say, net is some useless, I am not afraid of high reverse, I want to see the scenery! From the next issue, let’s review our journey to Tibet.