There are Yamdrok Lake, Namtso, Lake Manasorovar and many other lakes in Tibet. The beauty of these lakes is really deserved. Their scenery is far from that of most inland lakes.

Zhari Namco, located in cuoqin county, ngari region, Tibet autonomous region, is the third largest salt-water lake in Tibet. The lake is irregular in shape, with narrow north and south sides and open terrain on the east and west sides. The lake district is located in the alpine grassland region of northern Tibet, with a cold and dry climate. It is a fertile pure pastoral area, rich in precious purple cashmere goats, Tibetan antelope, wild donkey and other wild animals galloping on the lakeside plain from time to time, which adds a bit of liveliness to this vast but lonely land.

Zhari Namco, also known as tageso and trina Namco, is a national famous wetland, whose water is mainly supplied by melting water from snow and ice. The main rivers into the lake have cuoqin zangbu, dalong zangbu. Around the lakeshore, the layers of ancient shorelines can be clearly seen, witnessing the life track of the lake body shrinking due to the drying up due to the warming climate. In ancient times, the area around cuoqin was a vast ocean. The sea gradually receded and became a huge lake. Cuoqin county is located at the bottom of the great lake basin on the qiangtang plateau. The ancient great lake has been shrinking, and the edge of the lake basin has evolved into swamps and wetlands, which are covered with dense northern Tibetan songgrass.

The ancient lake was 2-3 times larger than it is now. In addition to Zhari Namco, some closed salt lakes also appeared during the drying process. The lake surface was lower and lower due to lack of water supply. As Zhari Namco is a long-closed inland lake, the water is highly mineralized and belongs to a saltwater lake. The water is blue and transparent, but there are few aquatic organisms. Only in the shallow water of the lake body in the northwest of the lake body, thick aquatic grass and algae grow, leading to flocks of waterfowl to feed.

The most impressive thing about zazi namcuo is that you can see its headland from a high place, like a long machete stretching out into the lake, as if you could only see it from the sandy coast of the sea. Up close, the water in Zhari Namco is crystal clear and choppy, rattling against jade pebbles. Distant view of zari namcuo, colorful, boundless, boundless, water and sky intersection into a color, like the qiangtang earth embedded in a huge sapphire, magnificent. Zhari Namco is an important scenic spot of “repeat one’s mistakes” on the little northern line of the westward journey of ali. This magnificent and magnificent lake, as it has not been fully developed by the tourism circle, presents the uncarved and primitive beauty.