There is a Tibet in everyone’s heart, just as there is a Hamlet in everyone’s heart. Some people love mount Everest, some people long for the sacred and solemn kailash, some people love the holy and demure malpanak, while others are busy in the beautiful namtso…

My thoughts on Tibet come from the song “back to Lhasa” by zheng jun. For me, Tibet is the closest place to the sun and the closest place to heaven. Snow mountain, grass, beautiful lamasery. It is the snow lotus at the top of tanggula mountain, the grand potala palace and the Brahmaputra river.

Geographically, Tibet is located in the southwest of China, with an average elevation of over 4,000 meters and an area of about 1.2 million square kilometers. Tibet is the largest plateau with the highest altitude in the world. It is also known as the “three poles of the earth” with the South Pole and the North Pole. There are not only unique snow scenery, but also the southeast Tibetan style similar to the southern style. More importantly, there are a group of Tibetan compatriots with firm faith and happiness.

Travel to Tibet, do not tangle so what season, different seasons have different scenery. Don’t worry about where to go either. Each place has its own scenery and mood. The best way to travel to Tibet is by car. If you can drive a four-wheel drive suv, take Lhasa as the center, to all directions of Tibet random stop and go, go around, see their favorite scenery at will to see, take photos, so think are happy things.

Zhayeba tourist experience center wears Tibetan clothes and drinks crispy tea

There is a saying in Lhasa: “the spirit of Tibet is in Lhasa, and the spirit of Lhasa is in yeba. If you don’t go to yeba when you go to Lhasa, you will forget to make a new suit.” After visiting potala palace, jokhang temple and jokhang temple, I set foot on the self-drive tour of Lhasa. From Lhasa all the way east, over the jinshan, at the foot of the scattered distribution of Tibetan buildings. This is also the only way to enter the zayeba temple, one of the four priest-sites in Tibet — yeba village, bangdui township, dazi district. Taking yeba village as the starting point, dazi district, relying on zhayeba temple, has built a comprehensive poverty alleviation area of zhayeba tourism industry (zhayeba scenic area), helping the surrounding people to eat “tourist food” and embark on the “road to prosperity”.

When entering ye ba village, the first thing you will see is a brand new tibetan-style building, which was built and put into use last year. It provides tourists with consultation, ticketing, shopping, catering, accommodation and other services. At the same time, the surrounding people can also display and sell their agricultural and sidesiproducts.

In the zayeba tourist experience center, you can wear Tibetan clothes, drink buttered tea and eat small Tibetan potatoes to communicate with the magical land of Tibet. The people here may not live a rich life, but they are rich in spirit. The people here are not only good at singing and dancing, but also handy. They weave a beautiful life with their hands and are willing to share it with others. There are Tibetan specialties and exquisite articles made by Tibetan people. This is a blessing from Tibet and the best companion gift for Tibetan tourists.

Zhayeba temple above the clouds

After a short visit to the zayeba tourist experience center, we drove to the zayeba temple, one of the four most secluded places in Tibet. Zayeba temple was founded in the 7th century AD, with a history of 1500 years. It is said that the earliest zampu songtsan gambo was built for his love princess mansa chi zun, which is one of the temples for its practice. Zhayeba temple with the cave, cave temple integration, the cave is closely embedded in the cliff between cracks, this is the whole zhayeba temple architecture is one of the most acclaimed features. In the fable, zha leaf ba cliff cliff total cave 108 as much, the top add up 36 day gang, the bottom add up 72 ground evil number, save so far the cave left only dozens of.

Drizzle overnight, the 4885-meter elevation of the zhayeba temple brought cool summer, also brought the news of the sea of clouds. The zhayeba temple is in the mountains, blending with the clouds. The cave is in the clouds, blending with the mountain and the building, the mind and meditation in this moment. The clouds lingering from the mountainside, the cliff between the zhayeba temple, the holy snow mountain in the distance, undulating sea of clouds rendering here into a beautiful wonderland. Sea of clouds, hidden love? Is songzan gambo and munsaki princess meet here? Sea of clouds wreathed, hidden is a grand Buddha will? If not, why cover the eyes of mortals? Let people see the flowers in the fog, the sea of clouds to see the temple?

Zayeba temple was built on a cliff in the mountains of lairinbo, surrounded by desolate mountains covered only by shallow grass. Zhaye ba but only got a spirit of heaven and earth, the stream spring set off, shallow grass green, mountain temple around the green trees, unrestrained flowers.

In addition to the dharma king cave of songtsan gambo practice, the “ancestral master cave” of the first heir of Tibetan Buddhism after the hong dynasty, the moon cave of padmasambhava practice, the larong cave of larong practice and so on are all famous in zhayeba. There was a steady stream of visitors to the shrine.

Most of these caves are natural, with smooth, polished walls. It is said that after meditation and meditation, the cave will gather the spirit of heaven and earth. Most of the worshippers come here with the back of their hands against the edge of the cave and stick their forehead to the palm of their hands.

A flower a world, a grass a heaven;

A leaf a tathagata, a sand a bliss;

One side of a pure land, a smile on the dust.

Zayeba temple is built along the mountain. The bell is melodious, the cloud is dimly discerned. Here can be quiet down to thin product, slowly look, product is a taste, see is the holy area Lhasa, clouds up to zi. Taste is the real taste of life, see is life open-minded.