The sky in.tibet

“Always on the pilgrimage

Amah flies prayer flags

Looking up at the plateau there are always holy millennium

Unmelted snow mountains

Bead jose langma

It is the billows of the old sea

I sing for your wonderful legend

Tibet in the sky… ”

The lakes

There are many lakes in Tibet, scattered like stars in the snowy mountain pastures. The lakes here are so pure without any color.

Yamdrok Lake — meaning “jasper Lake” in Tibetan, one of the three sacred lakes.

Lake calm, a piece of emerald blue, as if the south mountain plateau sapphire, is the largest inland lake in the northern foothills of the Himalayas, lake scenery beauty, the crown must be south Tibet.

Basum Lake, also known as chigao Lake, which means green water in Tibetan, is more than 3,700 meters above sea level.

Lake shape such as inlaid in the high gorge in a crescent moon, lake crystal clear, surrounded by snow reflected among them, yellow duck, sand, white crane and other birds floating lake.

Namtso — the Mongolian name is “tengger sea”, which means “heavenly lake”. Namtso is one of the “three holy lakes” in Tibet.

The lake is clear and transparent, the lake is blue, the water and the sky are in harmony, one integrated whole, leisure lake, seems to have a sense of wonderland.

Lamulacuo – the most legendary lake in Tibet. Lamulacuo means “soul lake of heavenly women” in Tibetan.

It is said that this is a can see the past life of the lake, is the mountain fresh water lake, the shape is like the oval, like the mountains surrounded by a mirror, beautiful scenery.

Lake Manasarovar is the second largest natural fresh water Lake in China, and the most transparent fresh water Lake. It is one of the three “sacred lakes” in Tibet.

When the weather is fine, the lake is blue, the blue waves are light, the white clouds and snow peaks are reflected in it, the lake zhou yuanshan can be seen faintly, the scenery is wonderful.

Lake Rakshastal – ghost Lake, meaning “poisonous black Lake” in Tibetan.

The scenery here is very beautiful, the dark red hills by the lake, the colors are blurred. The pebble beach is like a white silver ribbon, set on the lake.

Pangong Lake — Tibetan for “long-necked swan” — has the highest bird island in the world.

The area is home to large Numbers of red-billed gulls and spotted geese, and rare herds of wild horses occasionally appear near the lake. In the center of the lake is the famous bird island, where tens of thousands of Mediterranean gulls breed in summer.

Siling — meaning “devil lake in weiguang yingfu” in Tibetan, it is the largest lake in Tibet and the second largest saltwater lake in China.

Standing at a height overlooking the lake, there are mountains, mountains and lakes, mountains surrounded by water, charming, the blue and green color of the lake sky also pale.

Ranwu Lake — just off the sichuan-tibet highway lies a dreamlike Lake, a paradise of freedom.

Standing on the bank of Ranwu Lake, gazing at the pure water, snowy mountains and reflections, it seems that the best scenery in the world has gathered here.

Zhari Namco — the third largest lake in Tibet autonomous region. Also known as tower heat error.

Lake body wide, warm season sunny, distant mountains such as dai, the lakeside grass sad, is a good pasture, rich in precious purple cashmere goats.

Zhabuyechakka — one of the three major lithium salt lakes in the world.

It is divided into square pools, like a grid of rice paddies. Some of the pools are white, some are red, some are brown, and they are colorful. In fact, this is the brine in the pools at different stages of the production process.

Tangra Yumco — is the largest sacred lake of primitive bon worship in Tibet and the third largest lake in Tibet.

The shape of the lake is like a diamond pestle, round in the thin minister, surrounded by mountains, the south of the dahl fruit mountain peak snow all year round.

Renqingxiubucuo — the lake is mainly replenished by runoff from melting water of snow and ice. The southwest bank of the lake has zhu zang bo delta plain, the rest of the lake shore for the mountains.

The bottom of the lake seems to hide sapphire, enchanting water color, lake looming mound like altar city, small sit on the lake, the breeze slides past, the waves of water; Yunjuanyunshu, snow ridge if now.