“In my arms, in your eyes, where the spring breeze intoxication, where the green grass…… ”

Li jian’s poetic voice makes people yearn for such a carefree pure world, just like the feeling in daocheng yading at the moment: the cool and refreshing taste of summer, in the light of a touch of blue in the indulge interpretation……

It’s a breathtaking picture, a breathtaking beauty. Plateau secret city in the sky, even using the world’s most beautiful words, it is difficult to describe her good-looking.

The vast expanse of the wilderness spread forward, a snow mountain looking into the blue sky, a prayer flag to convey the belief, a lovely life writing smart.

Miyazaki hayao created a beautiful dream for childhood time, always living in the heart of a city in the sky, such a scene always can not forget, as if only in the film.

After many years of watching “city in the sky”, I gradually understand: nature gives civilization vitality, she is unknown, mysterious, prosperous and pure, but so easy to disappear, I wish somewhere in the sky, there is a small world that no one sets foot in, just for myself.

Because a city, open a door, the sky here as if can lead to another world of blooming flowers, where the summer wind like spring, let a person intoxicated.

In the world full of fantasy, distinguish the past life and this life, just like this piece of sky hidden in a free and easy realm, every person who has been here, all for it.

The sky of every place is different, the sky of daocheng yading certainly has her different amorous feelings.

It is deep blue such as wash of pure, like delicate blue brocade, also like a bright blue gem, it is a kind of let a person’s mind chi the color that enchant.

Under the sky, the day lights up everything. That freely growing things, out of their most brilliant appearance. The sky is as blue as the sea, rippling with clear spring water, nourishing this beautiful land.

The long river of time runs past

Floating clouds are beautiful to look forward to

I’m like a scavenger

Under the dark sky

Beside the holy snow mountain

By a babbling brook

In the morning and in the evening

Gently picked up the song of the sky

Compose a heart can not express hope

How to frame the sky

Let me go every day

Can feel the scenery like water in my heart

DaoChengYa butyl

A dream city in the sky

Leisurely and unhurried to depict the state of mind to be charmed


Deep earth

Absolutely all earthly