The secret beauty of zhagara is not only an independent paradise, but also a remote mountain.

The marvelous mountains and rivers are like another side that Zha Ga Na shows to the world, majestic, strange and unfathomable.

Although villages are built on the green land in the valley, it is here that Zha Ga Na’s earliest origin.

Zha Ga Na means “stone box” in Tibetan. For it is as if it were in a stone city. In 2012, national geographic included it in its list of top 10 ‘unfamous mountains’ to look for, and this year it became a national geopark.

Zhagara is the north is the majestic light cover mountain stone peak, gray and white rock light can mirror people, known as the local stone mirror mountain. East and south are very steep rock cliffs, facing each other, forming a stone gate.

Zhagara mountain is shrouded in mist and mist all the year round. It is only after seeing this scene that one can understand why tibetans think these mountains are the embodiment of god.

There are trails for hikers to explore in the mountains. If you are not good at hiking, you can rent horses from local people to enter the mountains and explore the hidden secret.

If there is ever a time to brighten all the beauty of Zha Ga Na at once, it is only the sunrise.

The viewing platform occupying the vantage point of baodai village is the best place for zhagara to watch the sunrise, not only overlooking the whole valley, but also the most beautiful Angle of sunrise.

Every morning, as the morning light gradually intensifies, the clouds on the snow-capped mountains turn into a dreamy golden color, and the misty valleys slowly shed their veils, revealing little by little the colorful colors and new-found tenderness.

Such a beautiful scenery, if you can see once in a lifetime, it is also worth the trip.

You’d be wrong to think that zagat only has a short peak season of spring and summer.

After every October, when the sky began to float snow zhagaa, that is how many people dream of the beauty.

White snow decorates the village, covers the plateau, and makes the goddess mountain look holy and awesome. The whole Zha Ga Na at this time became a real snow secret.

Black mountains, pure white snow, gray rocks, golden brown vegetation, quiet villages and residents wearing colorful winter clothes, winter Zha Ga Na, the United States even kanas can not come close to.

The rustic life lost in commercialization

Come here, in addition to looking for peace, but also to find their own

Come to zhagara, a traditional Tibetan meal is absolutely indispensable.

As it is located in the high mountain plateau, some Tibetan meals may not be available even in Lhasa.

In addition to traditional zanba and butter tea, Zha Ga Na’s fern and hemp pig is a highly sought-after delicacy.

Because of the growing environment and the characteristics of stocking, the meat quality of fern hemp pig is very fresh and juicy, and there is no fishy smell. “fire fern hemp pig” is a famous dish in Tibet. It is recorded that even princess wencheng was very fond of this dish.

Drinking butter tea, eating fern hemp rice and zanba, with a roast pig, it can be said that Zha Ga Na life is the most warm pen.

Since there are always travelers and photography enthusiasts coming, Zha Ga Na now has a lot of homecoming, if you want to go to the problem of accommodation need not worry.

As a result of much is native person is opened in oneself building, so inherent is taking full-bodied Tibetan characteristic oneself, the room desk and chair of primitive wood color, multicoloured adornment places an article, and still can eat the Tibet meal of the original juice original taste that master other people does oneself.

And the owners are mostly honest and kind, even if it is outside the accommodation, will be generous to help. In the snow plateau, is still the ancient road.