The silvery eyes are covered with eyes, and the long winter of Daocheng Yading is coming.

In the winter, Daocheng Yading has a unique charm, the mountains and the trees are covered with silver, the waterfalls and the lakes are clear and the ice, the ice of the blue lake is in the temperature difference between sunrise and sunset, transforming the wonderful pattern of fine water flow and refreshing. music;

The river runs fast, but it is unbelievable. The shrubs on both sides of the river can not withstand the frost and snow in the autumn, and they dedicate their final erosion;

The crystal snow-capped mountains, golden meadows and colorful forests make the winter of Aden silver.

The ice and snow melted at first, and the yak was lazy in the sun;

Looking from afar, what is in the eyes of the world is a light ink landscape painting.

Pure and pure, there is no on the earth, only on the high mountain of God;

Here, in addition to ice and snow, in addition to rocks, in addition to blue sky and white clouds, one layer is not dyed;

At the relative height of 4,000 meters rising from the ground, the snow peaks are endless;

That snowy mountain is not the view of the window;

But reach out and stand by your side;

The white clouds roared past, and the unobstructed sunlight washed away the water of the sky;

In the daytime, people can see the color of heaven;

Milk sea, also known as Russian velvet, ancient glacial lake, like a drop of water, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the lake is clear and blue, the mountain is a waterfall, famous for its exquisite and elegant water blue. In the foothills of Yang Maiyong, the milk sea is scalloped, with blue water in the middle, and a circle around the milky white. This milky white is roughly the origin of the name of the milk sea.

The blue sea with azure blue;

Lonely, it became the deep blue of the snow-capped mountains;

Lonely, melancholy and temptation that cannot be said;

The iceberg snow peak uses its holiness and tranquility to soothe his wandering, exhausted soul;

The Pearl Sea is also called Dolma Lacuo (Tibetan). At an altitude of 3,980 meters, it is the sea of ​​snow formed by Xiannai. The turquoise water glows under the map of the early morning sky, as if it is a deep drop in the world. Emerald.