Ngari, “Tibet of Tibet,” is far, far away.

It is the origin of the qinghai-tibet plateau civilization and the great beauty of harmony between man and nature.

Why Ngari?

Perhaps like its mountains like the sea, sun like blood magnificent scenery; Or a ride, lonely lonely lonely travel; Or maybe it’s just the towering mountains, the calm lakes, the clouds overhead, the wind whistling in your ears.

Mountain: a plateau of three mountain ranges

Ngari, a plateau of the Himalayas, the andes and the karakoram mountains.

When you come to Ngari prang and see the two distant peaks of the plateau — Kangrinboqe and namnani — you will be shocked by the beautiful scenery in front of you.

Kangrinboqe, the main peak of the gondales; Namnani, the highest peak of the western Himalayas.

Kangrinboqe is the “sacred mountain” recognized by the four major sects of Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, benism and ancient jainism. Namuni is the “goddess peak” in the hearts of Tibetan compatriots.

“Mountain” Kangrinboqe

The pyramid-like mountain shape of Kangrinboqe is mysterious, sacred and pure;

Namnani mountain gentle graceful shape, a number of ridges in a fan array, dozens of hilltops scattered high and low.

Gurla Mandhata

Two peaks, two different kinds of beauty. Standing at the foot of the mountain, looking up at the mountains, white clouds canggou, heaven and earth long.

Water: plateau lakes, beautiful as pearls and jade

If the mountains of the Ngari plateau are like the backbone of men, with strong bones, the lakes scattered on the plateau are like the soft bodies of women, containing everything and melting everything.

Strong, gentle and charming, complementary, dependent on each other.

The sacred lake twilight

Lake Manasorovar, one of the three holy lakes in Tibetan areas, is the holy land in the hearts of believers.

“Ghost lake” laangcuo, lake water is mysteriously blue.

Bangong lake, an international lake, is rich in water color.

Zharinamcuo, Tibet’s third largest lake, is mesmerizing.

Tulane: thousands of valleys, boulders bristling

From the foot of “sacred mountain” Kangrinboqe, along the 219 national road has been west, thousands of gullies into the eye.

Looking from the top, the high level of the top of the mountain by longitudinal cutting erosion into a deep gully, on the blue sky, the next even desert, layer upon layer of different heights.

The car in the earthen forest, as into a huge maze. Lift up your eyes and see that the cave in the earthen forest is like a honeycomb. As you enter the vast caverns at the base of the earthen forest, you will find that these caverns are connected like webs. Some of the large caverns are dozens of meters high, like a huge auditorium, can hear the clear echo.

These caves, hidden traces of ancient human life, leaving a lot of hidden.

Time is a huge hand, with the wind and rain do carving knife, after millions of years of carving, finally into today’s appearance. The vast soil forest, experienced the years of grinding and lonely night, with his own body to witness the vicissitudes of time and night.

Star: the best place for stargazing in the northern hemisphere

People who can’t see the stars in the city can observe the gorgeous Milky Way at will in Ngari and watch the shooting stars fly across the sky.

Ngari is the best stargazing site in the northern hemisphere due to its high altitude, sunny nights, high atmospheric transparency and dry air.

The national observatory has set up an observation station in the Ngari region.

Under the observatory is Ngari night park, the park has the largest celestial hall in Tibet, broadcast astronomy science propaganda video, let you roam freely in the universe. The starry sky experience area provides photography enthusiasts with a dedicated platform for starry sky photography. The astronomical observation area has astronomical telescopes, so that the distant stars can be clearly presented in front of your eyes.

Of course, you can also observe or photograph the starry sky at the foot of Kangrinboqe, the lakeside of magar yong tso, the ruins of the capital of guge kingdom, and zada Turin.

Highland spirit: surprise along the way

The road to Ngari is full of surprises.

For example, suddenly will see a white buttocks away, that is the Tibetan antelope;

For example, a Tibetan wild donkey is running across a field to race your cart.

For example, a black-necked crane paces the water’s edge like an elegant princess…

Ngari lies at the core of the qiangtang plateau. With more than 150,000 first-class protected animals, Ngari is a paradise for many rare wild animals to roam freely.

So it’s not surprising to see wild animals.

Waterbirds are one of the favorite creatures in the traveler’s lens.

The red-billed gulls of magar sark flock together; Bangong lake, rich grass, rich aquatic life attracted tens of thousands of water birds come to reproduce, every year from may to August, there are thousands of birds on the island to reproduce, the sound reached the sky.