Don’t know you can imagine such a landscape? Nature and the humanities in the magnificent collocation between heaven and earth, the sacred lake blue, just like the sea, into the mind, the distant snow-capped mountains towering spectacular, holy mountains and pure water stay together in the snow area plateau, a perfect water bay, will appear in the eyes, with the blue lake, between heaven and earth the most beautiful picture.

Even if you have seen Shengxiangtianmen for countless times, memories of Shengxiangtianmen are different from what you see in front of you. The scene gives you a powerful spiritual shock. Any language expression is pale.

Shengxiangtianmen in Tibet naqu area bange tsing lung village, township 5 sacred lake namtso measures more than just the trump card in northern island, more than just the trump card in the Shengxiangtianmen legend on the island of the eighth century, should be Tibetan king akamatsu’s face to the Tibetan buddhist master padmasambhava after surrendering nyenchen downer, betrothed namtso measures to the nyenchen downer, became a couple, in more than just the trump card island held a grand wedding ceremony, the night before the wedding, and by 108 avatar with a night of kung fu, to build the shek mun, shek mun shape is like a head of iconography from northeast to southwest, Specially built for the passage of Shengxiangtianmen, the stone gate is called Shengxiangtianmen. Shengxiangtianmen, as the name implies. A huge stone elephant, formed naturally, stands on the vast namco bank, its trunk just deep into the lake, as if it is absorbing the sacred water from the snow area. Between the body and trunk of the stone elephant is like a huge door, which leads to the holy door of heaven. As a holy place of Tibetan tantric sect, it has been used by numerous eminent monks and hermits for thousands of years, and it is still so now.

Shengxiangtianmen fjord contains the ruins of a temple, overgrown with weeds and dilapidated walls, which have been destroyed for decades in the years of struggle. It once how unimportant, it is so decadent forgotten decades, only the sun, the moon and stars and the vast blue namco silent. The inside of the ruins is close to the cliff wall full of caves. The caves vary in size, function, luxury and simplicity. Some of them only contain one body to practice Buddhism, some of them extend the outer wall, and some of them gather together to chant the Sanskrit. Cave walls are often thick black oil, this is perennial smoke smoke. This shiny black let empty ruins carved bone real, ever, ever really exist.

Although with the development of tourism, Shengxiangtianmen is not so mysterious, but from Shengxiangtianmen into namcuo is still not many people know, in fact, it is Shengxiangtianmen, but in fact it is not a door, just a very large stone, across the holy lake and sacred mountain, is the secret of old xizang buried heart.