A little bit of time touched our face, but only to avoid Tibet.

And it is always inadvertently amazing time

What is Tibet? It is the blue sky, the white clouds, the green lake, the fluttering prayer flags. Or the endless crowds in the potala palace, or the kowtow on the blue flagstones at the gate of jokhang temple.

Time flies, but Tibet will always maintain a consistent beauty, imperceptibly, it penetrates our bone marrow to become our unforgettable habit.

Maybe you haven’t covered your face with Tibet. But I believe, Tibet this place, you see a glance, will be amazed by it.

Overlooking the potala palace, can not help but hand. In silent prayer. On a sunny afternoon, watch the clouds flow in a daze when the sky. Walking along barkhor street, walking around jokhang temple, looking at the prostrating worshippers in front of the temple,

A little lack of oxygen insisted on climbing the pass, slightly gasping, watching the wind fluttering prayer flags.

Looking at the winding sheep lake, the blue color of the weather under the influence of different colors. Looking at the wide sky and the open land. When I saw the stone road at the foot of tashilhunpo temple, it was polished by monks and worshippers who had been practicing for hundreds of years. When I see mount Everest and I feel small. Sit on the horse seat

Listen to the legend in a daze, when arrived at kailash. Make a sincere wish. To wash away the SINS of a lifetime.

When wandering in the peach blossom forest of nyingchi in a pink sea, when looking at the lake in namtso, feel your soul is washed, when looking at the yarlung zangbo river, roar.

They say there are a thousand hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people, and in our eyes there are a thousand Tibet in the eyes of a thousand tourists.

Perhaps you have been to Tibet, love Tibet, will return to Tibet, so will always believe that no matter how things change, there will be a piece of pure land in the world called Tibet, it has been amazing time!