Northwest of the United States is varied, northwest of the United States of thousands of appearance 100 states, northwest of the United States is gorgeous and colorful, northwest of the United States is colorful, and summer of northwest is to let a person linger on forget to return more.

Water yadan

Qiandao lake in northwest China is the unique Water yadan in China

A unique beauty. Blue lake water in the sunlight under the sparkling, the lake on the various shapes and forms, the uncanny workmanship of the yadan landform reflected in it, also together formed a beautiful and moving picture.

Qinghai Lake

The dreamlike lake, the water is pure and blue, you can watch the whole day quietly, rape flowers bloom in July and August, the combination of yellow and blue is amazing.

Moon Spring

A sand mountain is buried in a crescent-like Spring, since ancient times, sand and water can not coexist, but the Moon Spring mingsha mountain has co-existed for thousands of years, become the scenery outside the Great Wall.

Caka Salt Lake

Here is China’s “mirror in the sky”. Standing in front of the lake, what glitters is not ice, but salt. In the endless white world, you can feel the purity and beauty of xanadu. Summer sky is fine, sky blue cloud is white, optional a station, with a clap, it is large!

Menyuan rape flower

Every year in July is blooming season, from the west qingshi mouth, east to yulong beach, north to the border with gansu lenglongling, south to dabanshan, rape flowers stretching dozens of kilometers, just like the golden sea. Because most of the fields are tilted toward the river, when you stand on the bank and look at both sides, you will see a vast expanse of golden color with the chase river flowing in the middle. This kind of scenery is like a silver ribbon with two golden edges winding and dancing, reflecting the distant qilian mountains.

Jade lake

Here the water and the sky are one color. Looking from the sky, lakes of different sizes and colors fall into the world like gems under the background of blue sky and white clouds. They are magical and gorgeous.

Labrang derived

It has the longest transiting corridor and is known as the cradle of faith. Labrang Monastery, living Buddha, buddhist pagoda and transiting-corridor constitute the magnificent architectural complex with unique Tibetan characteristics in northwest China. Monks and devotees can be seen everywhere in the temple. Go to labrang temple in gansu for a spiritual purification.

Ta ‘er Lamasery

Therefore calls after the first tower temple Ta ‘er Lamasery, it is one of the lamaism one of six major monasteries, stand on the heights of the auspicious palace overlooking the Ta’ er Lamasery, Ta ‘er Lamasery through 400 – odd years of Ming and qing two dynasties up to now, the temple of the group layout and spatial processing, first is the ingenious use of topography, mountain building potential, strewn at random discretion, ups and downs of change, adjust measures to local conditions, by forming, commanding, free, rich, color is gorgeous and unified.

Mogao Caves

Here in the Chinese buddhist art status is very high, among which the Buddha, fresco works do not go to witness, will not know its exquisite degree. Mogao Caves, after thousands of years of sand erosion, retain the splendid and grand history and culture. If you want to truly understand the history and culture stories of the northwest gobi desert, the Mogao Caves in dunhuang must go.


This is called the first xiong guan, compared to the dilapidated and vicissitudes of yangguan and yumenguan, Jiayuguan, an ancient checkpoint in the hexi corridor, also has the heroic appearance of “the biggest pass on the Great Wall”. Climb the tower, can qilian foothills in the distance, very spectacular.


“Persuade jun to do a cup of wine, the west out of yangguan without reason.” An ancient city sung by ancient writers and calligraphers; Yangguan, an ancient city buried by quicksand, has been emitting a sad sense of separation since ancient times. Today there are only a few houses, farmland, canals, etc. When the wind passed, these ruins can be clearly seen, attracting endless imagination.

Yumen Pass

If it were not for the saying, “why does the qiang flute complain about the willows and the spring breeze does not cross the jade gate pass? Today’s yumen gate is only a humble earth door closed, surrounded by desert gobi, desolate.

Black river

The sunrise of qinghai lake in Black river is one of the best places, and it is also the starting point of huanhu west road, 41km from here to shinaihai township, which is the most beautiful section of qinghai lake.


“Sister, I am in Delingha tonight, which is a desolate city in the rain.” in the hot dog days, the temperature in Delingha during the day is around 25℃ to 30℃, which is refreshing and pleasant. More shock and do not give up is there without artificial carving of the mountains, lakes, grasslands, like a bright and pure girl can easily conquer anyone.


One of the largest yadan landforms in the world, Nanbaxian is located at the northern edge of qaidam basin on the qinghai-tibet plateau. It’s undeveloped and sparsely populated. During the drive, a school of desert boundless loneliness came to my face.

Qilian Mountain Grassland

Qilian Mountain Grassland thon to wide, cattle and sheep flocks, nomadic ethnic handed down here. Standing on the boundless grassland of the qilian mountains, you can see the towering glaciers of the qilian mountains in the distance, which never melt all the year round.

Zhang ye colorful danxia

Zhangye danxia landform group, magnificent, colorful, ravines and horizontal, when you see the front is a red mountain, at this time your heart will have waves.

The northwest is really a magical place

There are plateaus and deserts and basins and lakes