When it comes to traveling to Tibet, the first thing that comes to my mind is the potala palace. Because of his natural, unique architectural form, his long and lasting spiritual culture, because this most legendary palace, treasure the essence of Tibetan culture.

Potala palace is called “the pearl on the roof of the world”, it is the symbol of Lhasa and even the qinghai-tibet plateau. It was once the political center of Tibet. The highest and most magnificent palace in the world is home to a rich collection of cultural relics and handicrafts, as well as a unique cultural heritage in the snowy region.

The potala palace was built in the 7th century during the reign of songtsan gambo, king of the tubo dynasty. It has a history of 1300 years. At the beginning of the 7th century, after songtsan gambo moved his capital to Lhasa, he built three nine-story buildings with a thousand palaces, named potala palace, especially to marry princess wencheng and princess bhrikul on the red mountain. “Budara” is a translation of Sanskrit, meaning “holy land of Buddhism”.

With that history, let’s talk about its architectural achievements. Potala palace is of Tibetan architectural style. Its main building is divided into the White House and the red palace. The affiliated buildings include the venerable monastery on the mountain, the school for monks and officials, the eastern and western monks’ houses, the Tibetan army headquarters at the foot of the mountain, the snow city, the city wall, the gate, the turret and the dragon king’s pond behind the palace.

The potala palace is an example of the combination of Tibetan buddhist temples and palace buildings. The architectural art of the potala palace is the most outstanding representative of thousands of Tibetan buddhist temples and palaces, which are the unique examples in China and even in the world. United granite walls; Wooden roof and window eaves of the outside of the lifting warped design; All of the bronze gilt decoration, as well as by the classics, Aquarius, Capricorn fish, gold wing birds do ridge adorn the embellishment of anisanishe all perfect match makes the whole palace appears magnificent.

The mural inside the main hall is also a unique potala palace scenery. In this huge gallery of painting art, the history of the development of Buddhism in Tibet, the life of the fifth dalai lama, the journey of princess wencheng to Tibet, the ancient architectural images of Tibet and a large number of Buddha statues are recorded.

See here, is not more firm belief, to go in a view? Back to reality… Tickets are not easy to buy. There are many ways to buy tickets for potala palace:

First one day in advance to the west gate of the cloth palace appointment.

Second, make an appointment through the official website of potala palace.

Third, take a one-day or half-day tour with a travel agency.

For the first time to travel tourists, or to find a reliable team or travel agency to buy tickets better, after all, this will not delay their journey, and will not because of the queue time is too long or did not buy tickets and bad mood. Go out to play the most important mood ~

When the potala palace appeared in front of the moment. Can not help exclaim, look up to qionglou history long, all kinds of legends. Standing in the potala palace square overlooking, he has become more mysterious and elegant.

It is very strict to enter potala palace, first check id card and check appointment time. Then go through security at the airport and do a full body check to get in. Halfway up the hill, another group of people checked the tickets. And check that you’re dressed appropriately. Through the security into the potala palace gate, when the real stand at the foot of the cloth palace found that the cloth palace with majestic to describe it seems to be far. In addition to shock, shock, this is absolutely one of the world’s great architectural wonders.

You can’t take photos inside the potala palace. The tour guide will take you to the open palace and explain the structure and history of the cloth palace in detail, so that you can have a detailed understanding of the essence of Tibetan Buddhism. In the potala palace, there are shrines of past lamas, precious pictures of princess wencheng entering Tibet, various precious murals, thangkas and sutras. There are also monks chanting sutras for ghee lamp adding ghee to ensure that the lights never go out.

Moreover, I think the night view of potala palace is better than the day view. Time allows travelers to experience a different cloth palace. The potala palace is solemn and solemn in the daytime, and the potala palace at night looks like the heavenly palace in the background of night, which is more mysterious and desirable.

Finally, Tibet suggests not to play by yourself. Because the land is vast and sparsely populated, one is to avoid the tension caused by high anti; Second, not familiar with the road conditions, easy to take the wrong road; Three is a waste of money, their own to play, it is easy to pit, buy what is double the local money!