Hidden in the northwest of yunnan is a unique native secret, ancient and fresh, let a person fascinating.

Green rivers surrounded the tranquil village like flawless jade.

There are majestic snow mountains, mapping in the clear river water more pure, refreshing.

With its small villages and few acres of farmland, the people here seem to be living in an arcadia.

Ethnic minorities account for 91% of the total population here, with rich and colorful ethnic culture and customs.

This is the nu river!

Nujiang lisu autonomous prefecture is located in the northwest of yunnan province. The sceneries on both sides of the nu river are boundless, no matter which season can make people fall.

Blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and clear water, the spring on both sides of the nu river is more green, bright color jumps on the whole land, just like the most beautiful and annoying colors in the paint box are spread here.

The shore blooming kapok like standing at the water’s edge of the girl, coy waiting for the coming back lover.

The nu river in summer, rows of green trees, a green all over the field of flowers and plants, in the misty mountains as hidden if now, like the vast green sea let a person relaxed and happy!

Green is still the dominant color of the nu river in autumn, but the beauty of autumn lies in the addition of golden paddy fields, red, yellow and green mixed with forest sea on the green tone, which makes the whole nu river colorful.

But along the nujiang river in winter, the snow can cover all the villages overnight. The vast expanse of white seems to be completely static, but the green nujiang river still runs and never stops.

This is hidden from the original secret, beautiful mountains and water, village beauty more beautiful!