People say they have never been to Tibet before ali or the mountains of Tibet before Kangrinboqe. In Tibet, the sacred mountain and the holy lake are also called Kangrinboqe and the holy lake mapanyong.

Kangrinboqe, which means “mountain of gods” in Tibetan, is located in the northern part of pulan county in southwest Tibet autonomous region. The top of the mountain is 6,656 meters above sea level. It is the main peak and the second highest peak of the gangdese mountains.

Kangrinboqe and meili snow mountain, anima qingshan mountain and gaduo kyaw wo of yushu in qinghai province are the four sacred mountains of Tibetan Buddhism. Kangrinboqe peak is also recognized as a sacred mountain by yongzhong benism, Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism and ancient jainism in Tibet, China. Jilossa, as it is called in Sanskrit, is the north foot of Kangrinboqe, the birthplace of the shiquan river in the upper reaches of the Indus. Legend has it that yongzhong benjiao originated from this. Hinduism considers the mountain the home of shiva, the center of the world. Jainism considers the mountain to be the site of the enlightenment of its patriarch, rishabana, and Tibetan Buddhism regards the mountain as the residence of sheng le jin gang, representing boundless happiness. There are many believers at home and abroad.

The sacred mountain is not only sacred but also mysterious. Kangrinboqe is on the side of the sun where the snow never melts all year round — the “stairway” side — and is like a ladder to the sky. On the other side of the mountain, there is no snow all the year round, and even if it is covered with snow, the sun will melt as soon as it rises, contrary to the normal practice of nature. Let a person can not help but sigh the change of the sacred mountain unpredictable, have to be full of religious piety and wonder.

Have a movie “Kangrinboqe”, I think many people have heard about it, the film tells the story of the ancient village village in central Tibet, the village of 10 ordinary tibetans with a pregnant women from home to more than 2500 kilometres away in the story of pilgrimage Kangrinboqe, on the road, they experience the physical, experienced a thunderstorm, finally completed the pilgrimage. I did not understand what this was for at the beginning, but see behind but full of tears, not my tears too low, but a kind of admiration, respect for their spirit, respect for their faith, respect for their persistence. This is certainly the case with the so-called “seeking the mind instead of the Buddha”.

When we watch the movie, we find out that the pilgrims in the movie choose to go to Kangrinboqe in the year of the horse, and the pregnant woman’s baby is scheduled to be born in the year of the horse. Why, one might ask, go to Kangrinboqe in the year of the horse? Originally, there are many sacred mountains and lakes in Tibetan Buddhism, and they all have their own attributes. Kangrinboqe is a horse, and it is said that sakyamuni, the Buddha, was born in the zodiac of horse, and Kangrinboqe is also the ashram of sakyamuni. Mountain turning is a religious activity of praying for peace and eliminating SINS, it is said that pilgrims turn a circle of mountains, can wash all the SINS of life, and in Kangrinboqe’s birth year to turn a circle of mountains, turn a circle of mountains, can increase the merit of 12 times, equivalent to the usual turn of 13 circles, and the most effective and cumulative long merit. So during the year of the horse, pilgrims and travelers from all over the world come to Kangrinboqe in droves. With a pious heart, they pray for peace for themselves and their families, accumulate happiness, seek inner peace, and reflect on the true meaning of life.

“Kangrinboqe” can be divided into “big turns” and “small turns”, which can be “big turns” and “big turns”. Having said all that, let’s summarize what we need to prepare for the round trip.

1. frontier defense certificate. Because the sacred mountain is in the westernmost ali region, you have to hold a border permit to enter. So, if you are ready to go, you must do a good border certificate in advance. About border card is dealt with, you can choose in their own public security bureau of census register seat is dealt with, also can go to Lhasa after their border building, or the most convenient option is the ability to find relevant institutions, general tourists travel agency, QingLv, inn boss can help to deal with, but generally to authorize.

2. Supplies prepared in advance (you can decide whether to carry them or not according to your actual situation)

1. Luggage: Fanny pack, mountaineering bag, small carry-on backpack

2. Mountaineering assistance: mountaineering stick, kneepad, gloves, sleeping bag, flashlight or headlamp, thermal kettle

3. Clothing: down jacket or emergency suit, thermal long underwear, disposable underwear, underwear, socks, long, short-sleeved T-shirt, sunbonnet, sunglasses, sunscreen (above 50SPF PA++), toileters, wet tissue, waterproof hiking shoes

4. Electronic equipment: mobile phone, charger pad, switchboard, charging cable, laptop or professional camera

5. Drugs: band-aid, glucose, gaoan, gastrointestinal drugs, painkillers, cold drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs and other commonly used drugs

6. Food, drink and garbage bags (please take away the garbage without leaving any stain on the sacred mountain)

There are five temples around Kangrinboqe. Niangri temple is the first stop of the tour, and the next stop is lapu temple, songchu temple (also known as magic change temple), jiangzha temple and sailong temple, the latter two of which are located in the inner line. At the entrance, there is a clear map of the tour guide, and the porter who can be booked to help the traveler carry his luggage.

Sacred mountain is sacred mountain because it has a shocking power. Although not believers, but watching believers kowtow all the way to worship, it is really shocking! Life, like a trip, countless past, some deep engraved in the bottom of my heart, some have gone with the wind. The past is gone and the next leg of the journey will begin.