Now a lot of scenic spots in our country, the ticket is a lot of people think it’s hard to accept, some scenic spots of high grade, high protection value, as well as its vulnerability of the tourist attractions is decided by many aspects, such as its mountains tourism cultural value is very high, and therefore is on the ticket price makes a lot of tourists is feel particularly embarrassed, especially in some tickets are expensive scenic spot is more obvious.

But in other scenic spots in China, it was also really have many cultural scenic spot is not the ticket, even if it is 5 a scenic spot also still don’t ticket, but, after all, this is one of the few, so take a look at the most profitable in sichuan a mountain, the mountain famous, popular, and see more on the number of visitors each year, and even can cause congestion occurs, visible, it is enough to illuminate how its mountains tourism development is outstanding and different.

It is mount emei. Many people have heard of, also have been to the mountain, also is familiar to the tourist attractions of the mountain, especially its emeishan jinding is attracted many people’s eyes, and in this mountain tourism reputation, many tourists also for it with respect of attitude, which is indispensable to become our country a culture of sichuan, in the local region of sichuan is also occupies very important position.

In the mountain, its location is in sichuan leshan emei city, a city are named after it, is a mountain and influence the development of a city, of course, is also so for the tourism development of the city is a lot of convenience, and the mountain is also become a symbol, a local culture is a culture cannot little by the mountains in China, of course, its place in the domestic is also very high.

, of course, in the mountain, there are many cultural attractions, it is also like a top, baoguo temple, lest temple, emei scene and large asan famous cultural landscape is also a tourist visitors attracted all over the world, which is not only a developed by different trend, also in the development of other ways also have many different values, it is also can see how high its mountains and rivers tourist value, is an endless stream of tourists every year.

Sichuan’s most profitable and the mountain is a mountain, because even if it’s ticket is as high as 160 yuan, but on the reputation and popularity, in fact, it was still, and the famous mountains and rivers of tourism is still very high, so in the development of travel each year, it is also contributing to the local tourism development in sichuan, but also a lot of people think the tickets of the mountain is too high, but for now, it is still one of the most popular mountain in sichuan province.