Gongga means “white iceberg” in Tibetan, which means “supreme snow mountain”. Compared with junjun, I prefer the latter title, because Gongga Mountain can be said to be so holy, flawless and supreme! Of course Gongga Mountain is one of the mountains that every mountaineer wants to conquer.

Gongga Mountain is located in the south of kangding in sichuan province, 7556 meters above sea level, is the first peak in sichuan province, the geography position advantage for the “king” is far from the other world class more than 7000 meters, if you want to know the other Mountain in miles away or the roof of the world pamir qinghai-tibet plateau grassland, natural Gongga Mountain has become the most towering majestic mountains in west sichuan area. It is surrounded by 45 peaks with an altitude of more than 6,000 meters, surrounded by more than 10 plateau lakes, and at the foot of dongpo mountain is the hailuogou glacier, which is famous for its low-altitude modern glaciers. It’s fair to say that that’s what makes Gongga Mountain so charming, but Gongga Mountain is also dangerous.

One might ask Gongga Mountain is the most charming and dangerous one. What do you mean? That’s because of its death-climbing rate of 65.6 percent.

Gongga Mountain’s complicated Mountain architecture makes it difficult to climb. Over the years, many climbers have challenged to climb it, but only a few have succeeded in reaching the top.

In 1932, Gongga Mountain, then a lonely Mountain, welcomed its first guests, a small four-man team of moors and posers. As the team challenging the “king of shu mountain” for the first time, the difficulty can be imagined. One is to face the sacred mountain which no one has ever challenged, and the other is to face the unknown challenge. Due to the glacial erosion of the Mountain by glaciers, Gongga Mountain’s peak has been eroded into a golden triangle shape, which is very steep. Coupled with the bad weather, the climbing route was not so smooth, so the two team members had to change the climbing route again and again. After a month of hard climbing, on October 28, Moore and bozal were finally able to make an impact on the top of the Mountain. Due to the increasing altitude, they had to stop to take a breath every two or three meters. In fact, before that, there was a Gongga Mountain whose score was 9,920 meters due to poor measuring tools. Gongga Mountain is not the highest Mountain in the world, but that doesn’t affect its status as the king of shu Mountain.

In 1957, our Chinese mountaineering team challenged Gongga Mountain. At first, our 21-member mountaineering team retreated due to avalanches, exhaustion and high backsliding. At 1:30 PM on June 13, shi zhanchun, liu dayi, liu lianman and six others climbed Gongga Mountain. But when they were retreating, an unexpected attack came.

Over the years, many mountaineering teams have gone to the heart of Gongga Mountain. By October, 2017, 32 people had reached the top and 21 had died.