Will you be like me,Occasionally inexplicably tired of all around the voice,Just want to get away.Come here for a walk,Ili is the most beautiful summer in China.

Go Sinkiang, not tired feet, eyes. The scenery is gone, the scenery is coming. Sinkiang’s lure of summer never stops.

Ili, known as Oriental Switzerland, is far from a simple copy of Swiss style. Its beautiful atmosphere, determined, each season gives a different style, let a person indulge in this.

It is bound to be a deep and beautiful journey to travel Ili, let’s set out together. To see the grasslands, lakes, snow mountains, sea of flowers… Let me meet by chance.

Zhaosu County

What is the most beautiful summer resort in midsummer? Not changbai mountain, not jiuzhaigou. It’s Zhaosu County, the small town of Ili.

Zhaosu County has a more majestic sea of rapeseed flowers than qinghai, a sea of lavender flowers comparable to provence, a beautiful glacier scenery like daocheng yading, a prairie landscape with ten thousand horses galloping.

Zhaosu County is the only County without desert in Sinkiang. It is the hometown of tianma, which enjoys a good reputation in and out of xinjiang. Here, the snowy mountains are towering, the sea is vast, and the glaciers are precipitous.

Sayram Lake

Sayram Lake is located in the northern tianshan mountains of Sinkiang bo prefecture, next to Ili huocheng county.

Every person who enters Ili will be burned by the sapphire eyes at the first sight, and love will fly across the sky with your luggage from now on. The lake of selimu, with its crystal and holy beauty, washes away the filth of the world and lifts all passing eyes out of the mist of the soul.

No matter how much bustling and noisy around her, she is always waiting for a story with a silent attitude, under the blue waves and years of grinding stones are still sleeping. With her years of accompanying snow mountain pine, summer blooming profusion of flowers, can reach your heart, shock your vision.

Nalat grasslands

Nalat grasslands is one of Sinkiang famous prairie, is also one of the world’s four prairie subalpine meadow plant area, located in the north slope of nalati mountain, since the ancient times is the famous ranch.

Nalat grasslands Turkish for “white slope”, in eastern new source of nalati town, is apart from the Ili xinyuan county town about 110 kilometers, is the development in the tertiary GuHong mountain grassland on the horizon. Every summer, Nalat grasslands contracting Sinkiang almost all levels of appearance.

In July, the hot weather spread across the country. But in Sinkiang xinyuan county, the green grassland and mountain forest, day and night temperature difference is large, cool climate is a summer retreat.


Unexplored virgin land, hidden deep in the tianshan mountains, has formed the Chaxi river, which flows in the valley and nourishes the beautiful forest and grassland and the people living here

The mystery. A steep mountain road has cut Chaxi off from the world, but has preserved its original origins.

Chaxi national forest park. Located in the eastern mountains of tokkyu county small gill garang river tributaries — Chaxi river in the middle reaches, the southeastern mountains of gilgrang township. The scenic area is a natural scenic area formed by ancient moraine oblivion lake. Chaxi axi is located in the mountainous area in the southeast of tokkul, 72 kilometers away from the county seat, east of the county seat, through the teksi river pass water conservancy project, through the Chaxi hai gorge and gilgrang valley, east of gilgrang township, and east of the mountain road to the Chaxi valley, known as shag.

From gong left to Chaxi mountain road and its hard to walk, but this is the achievement Chaxi ecological beauty, Chaxi contains Ili all elements of beauty, of snow-capped mountains, alpine meadows, snow mountain spruce and clear rivers, Chaxi beautiful beyond expression, “what heaven, I don’t know, temporarily also don’t want to go, the scenery here is the heaven!”