In the eyes of some people

There are many things

The results don’t matter

The process is the best

And travel is no different

If you’re going to Tibet

I want to tell you

The most beautiful scenery is not in Tibet

And on the way to Tibet


Let’s fly you

Take in the autumn colors of sichuan Tibetan lines

Set out with your lover this fall

Write about a trip to Tibet

A beautiful trip is like meeting an old friend

Passion without measure

When the first rays of dawn on the gongga mountains

Watch the sun rise slowly

The journey of a new day begins

The rest of the way

A variety of beautiful scenes to look forward to

A picturesque xanadu

Golden poplars along the roadside

Rolling mountains

Scattered Tibetan villages

Cattle and sheep

This is a paradise for photographers

You can only see the red grass in autumn

In the mulberry pile is particularly precious

It is a pity not to pass by

In Aden

Snow mountains, forests, grasslands, haizi, glaciers, streams

A wonderful picture of convergence

How beautiful autumn is in sichuan

Take a picture of wallpaper

Even white photographers

You can get this kind of beauty

Litang, not a very famous county town

The highest town in China

The main city is about 4000 meters above sea level

On the maoya grassland

White clouds adorn the clear sky

Golden meadows cover the earth

Nu river 72 turn is also known as sichuan Tibet 99 turn

Take a look from the observation deck

A road that stretches and bends into the distance

Today’s itinerary is the key

The villagers in the stockade were full of joy

Harvest the golden barley

It was another bumper harvest

The highland barley and highland barley will take another place in the coming year

The linhai of lulang in autumn

Like a colorful canvas, colorful charming

The number of forests is strong, the moss spot on the trunk

Trees with 3-4 people can be seen everywhere

Taste the local specialties stone pot chicken, Tibetan flavor pig

Beautiful scenery and delicious food are both indispensable

In autumn, the niyang river is one long sky,

Water and jade, water and pearls,

The colorless jungle straddles the two Banks

Multicolored trees, bushes, and grass fields with a view of the river bank

Water birds, horses, sheep that play on the water

Tibet is really a rich land