If you start from chengdu and head west along the 303 provincial highway, about 6 hours later, when the car jolts in the mountains in the west of sichuan, you wake up bleary-eyed. You will see rows of unique Tibetan villages built against the mountains and the green trees shining in the sun… You know, that few people to the party ridge soon.

Legend has it that in the early years of the tang dynasty, a group of people from dangxiang qiang people moved here to the south. They were deeply impressed by the plateau scenery here and settled down. They also called the big snow mountain in the south as dang ling mountain, which means “choice” to commemorate the decision of the clansmen. Thus the name dang ling was preserved.

Although dang ling mi jing was named one of the top 10 hiking routes in early 2006, the number of people who come here every year for the past 12 years has been extremely small. Source: kitchen knife

Today, let us uncover the mystery of dang ling, into the hinterland of western sichuan in this piece of xanadu.

The last earthly garden of Eden

Dang ling has not only honest and hospitable tibetans, but also magnificent snow mountains, crystal clear sea, and colorful forests all over the mountains…

Dang ling, the guardian of the three sacred mountains, is the most prominent place in the northern part of the great snow mountain of hengduan mountains, where 28 peaks over 5,000 meters high are located. It is represented by three sacred mountains: xiachangla, xiachangnya and 5240 peaks.

Among the snowy mountains in western sichuan, the climbing records of three sacred mountains are as few as those of dang ling visitors. The only current records are:

In April 2010, the Japanese JAC Hiroshima climbing team reached the summit of tachangla for the first time from the northeast slope.

In July 2012, margo, desert and magic flute reached the summit along the south slope of xiachang.

Gu nianao and li boshou teng xia qiang a in October 2017. [photo/VCG]

Xiachangla is the main peak of dangling snow mountain, with an altitude of 5,470 meters. As the sacred mountain of the local Tibetan people, guarding this land. Xia qiang nirvana is a pyramidal peak located in the southeast of xia qiang la. Connected by snow mountains, majestic.

“The haizi here passes through Aden” — almost all the way to dang ling at a high altitude above 3500 meters. The 28 high mountains and seas are scattered like mirrors reflecting the forests and snow-capped mountains.

Calabash sea: the “facade bearing” of dangling zhonghaizi is named for its appearance like calabash. Calabash sea is beautiful all the year round, the spring is full of vitality, the summer is green and fresh, the autumn is golden, the winter is white snow, the calabash sea is like a thousand change girl, no matter when, all let the hikers here see the beauty of fairyland like poem and dream.

Small calabash sea: lying on the side of calabash sea, it is a mini calabash sea.

Gan haizi: this is an open wetland on the way from the airfield to the gourd sea. The water level in ganhaizi is very shallow, but many alpine fishes can be seen.

Zhuo yong cuo (dahai zi) : the largest and highest lake in dang ling. In zhuoyuncuo, you can not only see the complete view of the dangling snow mountain, but also have a panoramic view of the calabash sea, which is the best viewing platform.

Zhuoyong lake is much bigger than the calabash sea on the left. Only about 50 people can climb up to see the whole picture every year. Source: kitchen knife

Primeval forests are full of treasure — 2.5 million years ago, the region was strongly uplifted and fractured by the neotectonic movement. As the linear distance from the two estuaries in the east of dang ling to the main peak of dang ling snow mountain is only 21.5 kilometers, with a relative height difference of 2,690 meters. Therefore, it is one of the best destinations to appreciate the alpine canyon landscape in China.

Rhododendron in spring: in the central hengduan mountains at an altitude of 3,300-4,300 meters, alpine rhododendrons are everywhere. Every spring, the whole mountain azalea with a variety of colors diffuse the mountain.

Summer picking fruit: into may and June, the forest here began to glow with vitality, all kinds of wild fungus, delicious strawberries, all kinds of pine cones gathered in the vast forest, full of life.

Autumn to see the color forest: in autumn, all kinds of vegetation faded green, covered with golden yellow, red, bright orange and other colors, like a painter’s palette of paradise, the milk ditch, miyaro also than down.

Animal kingdom: dang ling preserves a large number of rare animals such as swertia, argali, and pronghorn. Walking around haizi, I often run into some animals.

Spent? Take a dip in a wild hot spring – many trekkers dream of taking a long, comfortable dip after a long hike. Ridge in the party, not only have three wild hot springs, and 360 ° snow mountain forest beauty around, “honest”, true and nature intimate contact to a comfortable and beautiful.