To Dunbar, if you don’t go to Jiaju Tibetan village you have never been to Dunbar! And, to truly understand Tibetan culture, you must go to Jiaju Tibetan village!

In 2005, Dunbar Tibetan village represented by Jiaju Tibetan village was named as “the most beautiful ancient village in China” by China national geographic magazine.

“Jia ju” means “one hundred families” in Tibetan. Jiaju Tibetan village is about 8 kilometers away from the county seat and the lanfeng hotel where we live.

The day before, and group friends standing at the dadu river looking at the opposite high mountains, dense forests dotted with Tibetan villages, the in the mind has been very puzzled: this “valley” how can live people?

When our bus left the county seat and quickly arrived at Jiaju village along a paved, clean, two-lane concrete road, I realized that it was unnecessary to be worried!

Overlooking from the viewing platform, the whole shanzhai yishan meandering, each zhuangxing beautiful, style of ancient simplicity of the Tibetan building in the jungle, such as hidden.

The characteristics of Jiaju Tibetan folk houses are almost completely preserved. The wooden structure and eaves are all red, and the walls above the second floor are painted white, or the primary colors of the walls alternate with white. Although times have changed, some changes have taken place in the Tibetan village and buildings, but the traditional style and Tibetan charm have not been affected.

Zhai Lou are generally sitting in the north, mainly stone and wood structure, a family, some groups, some alone in a place. From a distance, each building looks like a devout buddhist sitting cross-legged and chanting sutras. Listen to the introduction of the collector elder brother, every year on the eve of the Spring Festival, the owner of the Tibet building will according to the traditional customs, with the local “white mud” as the main raw material, through the formula Fried into white dye, carefully painted and dyed the wall of the village building, make the whole Tibet village as put on a white dress.

Blue sky, white clouds, rolling green hills, big river surging, of primitive simplicity and elegant building, verdant forest, contend for strange mountain flower bloom, and the occasional brother younger sister, hidden ┉ ┉, away from the noise, very beautiful, very comfortable, like a picture of ancient pastoral picture show in front of our eyes.

At this moment, naughty group friends could not help laughing at the Tibetan sister around: can I stay to help you keep the yak for three years? Suddenly caused the group friends a burst of hoot laughter, laughter from time to time in the valley echoes……