This is an inter-city expressway in the Tibet autonomous region of China

It’s 409 kilometers long

It cost $38 billion

Although its length is not very large

But it captures almost all of nature’s beauty

Mountains, rivers, villages, snow mountains, valleys…

This is an ecological corridor, green corridor and landscape avenue.

It is not so famous, but in every season, beautiful height.

Listen to pass this road of friend say: come here, you can’t bear to blink, because, sky blue of be like 2 yuan, water green of be like pure and transparent gem.

Spring has flowers, summer clear water, autumn colorful forest, winter snow, and the people here have a firm belief, it gives a mysterious color.

The road is a scenic, toll-free “highway.”

Unlike other fully enclosed highways, it has many ramps in the middle and an open viewing platform.

This is the lalin highway. Starting from the “sunshine city” Lhasa, it transfers from 3,750 meters above sea level to 2,700 meters above sea level. After passing through the mira pass, which is more than 5,000 meters above sea level, it goes south along the beautiful Niyang Rive, passes through gongbujiangda county, and finally reaches the road of nyingchi, which is called “small jiangnan in snow area”.

People across the river diamond mountain, with the clear water phase call, and the snow mountain corresponding to the high level highway, as “the most beautiful landscape road.”


Tibet is everyone’s dream, and Lhasa is the place to realize it.

Here, you can meditate in potala palace, can turn scriptures in jokhang temple, can walk in norbulingka, can look for the patterns on the back of 50 yuan in yaowang mountain…

Drinking sweet tea, basking in the sun, watching the faithful come and go, time slows down, and the fast pace of life can be completely forgotten at this moment.


With 5,013 meters above sea level, mountain passes filled with permanent snow, the remnants of glacial activity of ancient times, and colorful prayer flags that trail up to the sky, you can’t remember why it’s so fascinating, but you’re reluctant to leave.

The distant scenery panoramic view, resolute mountain hanging with gentle falling snow formation of snow, covered with brown earth into water, that melted and unmelted snow interwoven together, then made a magnificent picture.

The thin air has to make you slow down, under the snow mountain, as gently close your eyes, hands together, a pious prayer, let the heart tend to calm.

Niyang Rive

Niyang Rive is a beautiful river on the qinghai-tibet plateau of China. It is the fourth largest tributary of the yarlung zangbo river.

One summer Niyang Rive this piece of holy land, fertile thousands of miles, full of vitality, lush, blue sky, white clouds, the sun is not stingy sprinkle here.

Close to Niyang Rive, you can really understand her eternal summer feelings.

Basum Lake

Also known as cuogao lake, which means “green water” in Tibetan, is located in the gaoxia valley of the upper reaches of ba river, about 36 kilometers away from ba river town, gongbujiangda county.

Surrounded by green mountains, the peak is the year-round snow. Not far from the shore, a few trees stand, sway, and stretch in the water, with great spines and flexibility.

At Basum Lake, there is a sense of peace as the truest clouds spread over the turquoise waters.

Midui Glacier

Midui Glacier is the lowest Glacier in the world. It is extremely crafted, with snow-capped mountains and clouds intertwined together. It is just like a dream and amazing.

After entering the scenic area, you need to walk or ride a horse to reach the observation platform, mihei definitely counts as a charming and outstanding, one group can only be seen from afar and not obscene play yan noble temperament.

Although the cold, although the road is difficult, but when the glacier such a glance in front of you, you will understand, I do not fear displaced, just to see your feeling.

LuLang Lin hai

This is a typical highland mountain meadow strip, every year from mid-april to early June, thousands of kinds of wild flowers open, in July and August, the clouds and clouds gather and disperse, snow mountain, forest sea, the countryside outlined a quiet, beautiful “mountain map.”

Pick chrysanthemum east fence, leisurely see south hill. The snowy mountains and forests, clouds and rosy clouds, four seasons in one ridge, ten miles and nine scenic spots, and the picturesque lu lang and forests reflect tao yuanming’s poem incisively and vividly.

The endless view of the continuous snow mountains, not enough to see the sea of clouds, not tired of listening to the river running, among them, birds, flowers, the flow of time, like a fairyland.

NaYi ditch

NaYi ditch is known as “China’s green peak forest bath” and “the highest green mystery on earth”. Gully on both sides, towering trees, green, spruce, birch, cypress deep green; Lush forests, wild flowers swaying, red, yellow, charming to drop, charming and moving.

The pale yellow turpentine hangs from the branches of the tall trees, like the veil of a fairy in a pantomime; The rushing water of naniqu rumbles in the valley, and the billowing waves are crystal clear and white as jade.

The huge logs lying on the roadside, lying quietly in the wild grass and flowers, tell a story of ancient and vicissitudes…

Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon

This is the highest, longest and deepest grand canyon in the world. It is home to more than half of the biological species on earth, and the most gorgeous, magnificent and impressive nature and humanity on earth.

Continuous mountains, white clouds in the wind blowing on the hills, peaks, mountain road twists and turns, the scenery blue, white, green each other reflect. The rapids in the valley of the river roaring past, riverside everywhere fluttering colorful prayer flags, a good group of hidden valley scenery.

On a clear day, you can see all seven peaks of south geba wa, but more of them are shrouded in clouds, looming above the valley, how not to be awe-inspiring.

Namcha Barwa

The glacier on the top of the mountain is towering and beautiful in shape. The mountain is often shrouded in mist and mist.

The huge triangular peak body is covered with snow all the year round and shrouded in mist and mist. It never shows its true face easily, so it is also called “shy female peak”, which is just like a girl with Sally, covering herself shyly but still wanting to show her side.

Here is the most beautiful peach blossom in nyingchi

Snow plateau on this most beautiful road, will “out” the most beautiful flowers.