Mangkam salt well

Located on the east and west Banks of the lancang river in yanjing town, Mangkam salt well, mangkang county, Tibet, the ancient salt pan has a history of 1300 years and is the only place in China where the most primitive method of hand-made salt production remains intact.

According to historical records, as early as in the tang dynasty, salt Wells have a history of salt, more than 1200 years ago. There are simple folk customs here. When you see the stalactite salt in the room, it will surely introduce you to the world of crystal palace and show you a natural and beautiful spectacle.

The Cop Valley

Cop Valley is composed of huashan, snowy mountains, lakes, forests, rivers, gorges, waterfalls, hot springs, grasslands, wildlife and temples.

There are more than 100 strange and colorful lakes scattered on the earth in batang, among which there is zola lake, the largest on the western sichuan plateau

On a level ground by the lake, there was a temple hidden by the forest, with white walls and black tiles, and a stern gate with polished brass rings. The Tibetan horse chicken and argali living in the primeval forest have established deep friendship with the lamas and nuns in the monastery and get along very well with them.

Sister Lake

In the distance stretched out by the busy national highway, two blue and clear plateau lakes are closely dependent on each other, emitting a tranquil intoxication between a breath and a breath. Sister Lake of haizi mountain is an important geographical coordinate on the qianlianchuan Tibetan line, with an altitude of 4685 meters.

The different sister lakes of light will take on different colors

Lotus sea

Lotus sea forest park has a high forest coverage rate, complex community structure and diverse forest types. The main forest vegetation consists of trees, subtrees, shrubs, herbs and mosses.

Lush forest vegetation constitutes a verdant, deep, mysterious green forest landscape. In the park, large areas of fir, spruce, oak hanging on the pine, the original forest landscape is very rare in China.

West slope of gongga mountain

Located in luding, kangding and asbestos counties of ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, gongga mountain is the center, surrounded by 145 ice peaks with an altitude of five or six kilometers, forming a magnificent scene surrounded by peaks and snow mountains.

Yali snow mountain

Yali snow mountain, known as “xia xueya lagapo” (meaning Oriental white yak mountain) in Tibetan language, is a famous sacred mountain in Tibetan area.

The mountain straddles the three counties of daofu, kangding and danba, and is connected with the tagong grassland in the northwest, forming a magnificent landscape of the snowy mountain and grassland.

The main peak of yala snow mountain is 5820 meters above sea level, covered with snow all the year round. In the midsummer days, you can see yala snow peak on the tagong grassland, just like the feeling of the immortal world.

Jiaju sect village

“Jia ju” means “jia ju” in Tibetan. The village climbs upward from the dajin river valley to the foot of kapama qunfeng, and the whole village is meandering in rolling mountains. On the hillside with a relative height difference of nearly one kilometer, each Tibetan building is scattered among the trees.

In the beauty pageant organized by China national geographic magazine in 2005, the “damba Tibetan village” represented by Jiaju Tibetan village was named the first place of “six most beautiful village ancient towns in China”.

Central sect village

The time-honored ancient watchtower of Central Tibetan village, is of ancient and solemn rites of passage to manhood, diversified guozhuang dances, solemn and solemn ancient Tibetan operas, gorgeous and gorgeous garong Tibetan clothes, as well as the wonderful and interesting upper cheeses, steaming buttery tea, and crispy and delicious burning steamed buns, all of which are so vivid and fragrant.

The passer-by who worshiped the heaven and feared the god are the devout believers of Tibetan Buddhism. Natural worship and totem worship can be seen everywhere. Looking for her in the dream, place oneself however disconsolate.

Casa Lak

Casa Lak is respected as the mother lake, which needs to go around and worship on weekdays, and pray during spring plowing and autumn harvest. The child full moon, the first priority is to back the child sincere prayer around the lake on a circle. In short, gods aside, it is true that the harvest here is not without the moist air of mother’s lake!