There is a group of people in the world who measure the land with their feet and record their lives with their travels. A hat, a backpack, a pair of hiking shoes, a hiking stick, their classic look.

They were hikers, known as “masochists.”

Hiking can be a self-destructive ordeal, physically and psychologically, but hikers enjoy it, saying they see exotic plants and animals that no other tour can see.

They think that young people should dare to challenge, there are always some beautiful scenery in the world is difficult for us to “conquer”, but because of this, we are more desirable! Take advantage of the young to conquer the foot of the road, really to the legs can not move when it will be no regrets!

The li river on foot

“Guilin’s mountains and rivers are the best in the world” is a well-known saying, and people have been coming here in an endless stream. However, most of them come with a group, so it is difficult for them to really appreciate its beauty in detail.

Hiking along the li river, you can see the picturesque li river, fishermen holding fishing boats, continuous green mountains… The beauty comes so close to you, it’s like walking into a gallery.

Tiger leaping gorge on foot

The tiger leaping gorge hiking trip is known as a fashion through the tour, because there are a lot of foreigners come here on foot, people of different skin color, different languages goes hand in hand, make you feel like Manhattan through to the United States.

Tiger leaping gorge on the way from lijiang to shangri-la, from lijiang to tiger leaping gorge, nearly three hours. From tiger leaping gorge town overshoot haba snow mountain foothills river to river hole, into the valley.

Hiking tiger leaping gorge, high way, ladder, road sight, sometimes nervous standing on the edge of the cliff path, but also from time to time, be careful of rubble slide.

Next a mountain road corner, looked up haba snow mountain impressively reflected in the eyes, let you stupidly intoxicated in the meantime, tut tut admiration. At this point, “the body in hell, the heart in heaven” is the most appropriate interpretation.

Kanas on foot

Kanas is a comprehensive scenic area integrating glaciers, lakes, forests, grasslands, pastures, rivers, ethnic customs and rare animals and plants. Kanas lake is the core scenic spot, mainly appreciating the mysterious Kanas lake and shenxian bay, wolong bay and moon bay.

It is known as “Oriental Switzerland” and “photographer’s paradise” for its beautiful scenery composed of Kanas lake and surrounding snow mountains, grasslands and birch forests.

Spectacular glaciers set off the tranquil lake, vast grasslands contain deep and secluded primeval forests, and the primitive tuva people live in the primitive villages of hemu and bahaba, making people fascinated.

The Great Wall on foot

Walking the Great Wall is the symbol of the Chinese nation. But for ordinary people, to complete the Great Wall of the hike, no doubt is a huge challenge.

The average person hiking the Great Wall will choose a section of it as the target. So walking the Great Wall, the distance can be long or short, the main choice is concentrated in the vicinity of Beijing.

If anyone can complete the whole journey from shanhaiguan to jiayuguan, he will achieve a new initiative in his life.

Bipenggou on foot

Tourism is booming in sichuan. There are two must-see places for hikers in sichuan — daocheng and Four Girls Mountain. Four Girls Mountain is also known as the “Chinese Alps” due to its beautiful southern European scenery.

Four Girls Mountain is rich in animal and plant resources. Its landscape is primitive, primitive, quiet and mysterious. Flowers bloom in the spring; Green summer; Autumn season colorful; The winter season is covered with snow.

Four charming, each good at its beauty, zhaohui sunset, myriad weather, a beautiful southern European scenery.

Daocheng on foot

Legend has it that in a hidden place deep in the snow-capped mountains of the Tibetan plateau, there is a kingdom surrounded by double-layered snow-capped mountains, glaciers, canyons, forests, meadows, lakes, gold mines and pure air.

This kingdom is the kingdom of shambhala, known as the last piece of pure land on the watery blue planet, which is today daocheng yading.

In daocheng yading, as far as the eye can see, the vast expanse of heaven and earth is overwhelming with rocks, which is truly breathtaking. 1145 alpine lakes are scattered among jagged rocks, blue as jade, and the scenery is extremely spectacular, so daocheng yading is known as the last shambhala.

Three Gorges on foot

The Three Gorges contains endless scenery, and is The most magnificent landscape gallery on The Yangtze river. Hiking here is an absolute beauty enjoyment.

Li bai’s poem still is in ear, in the hustle and bustle of urban life, you can take out a time to resemble the ancients in that way, see white clouds and flowing water leisurely, castle peak on both sides is like dai, casually intone a poem, head up sings a fishing song…

Motuo on foot

Motuo is not well known because it is the only county in the country without roads, making it a natural hiking destination for tourists. Motuo means “hidden lotus flower” in Tibetan Buddhism.

Motuo mountains, water, waterfalls are many, and the country’s rare forest areas, the territory can also see Bengal tiger, cattle, long-tailed gray langur, great hornbill and other rare animals.

One final word of caution: if you’re not a veteran hiker, don’t go there without a warning. Altitude sickness, bad weather, and dangerous conditions can be physically, mentally, and physically challenging.

It is not enough to talk about travelling without conquering difficulties on foot.

Start while you’re young!