In the heart of every person who loves traveling, there is a place that belongs to him

Or Tibet

Or yunnan

Xinjiang, or

In the small old heart, that place belongs to


The giorger steppe

Known as “oasis of northwest sichuan plateau”

It is one of the three major wetlands in China

It has the second largest grassland after hulun buir

It is like an emerald set on the northwest border of sichuan.

Grass is green, cattle and sheep flock together

Do you know

Where is it?

Yes, it is located in ruoergai county, aba Tibetan and qiang autonomous prefecture, sichuan province

The beautiful savannah, also known as the gerr dam

There’s a sea in there

In the summer, all the water plants in it will bloom

Beautiful, this is the legendary “sea of flowers”

Lotus leaf is treasure

It’s a name you might be confused about

Because it’s Tibetan

Its Chinese meaning is “dignified jade peak”

Local people often call it stone castle or stone hill

Lotus leaf as the west of sichuan the lowest tone of the secret, baidu entry on its record is only one sentence

“Lotus leaf is a scenic spot located in the southeast of the qinghai-tibet plateau.”

Blue sky, white clouds, simple herdsmen, magical legends

It has a unique charm

Come here

You’ll never forget it

Like a kind of magic, you can’t describe it in words

Approaching it is like entering heaven

DaoChengYa butyl

It is located in yading village, shangri-la town, daocheng county, ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, sichuan province

It is famous at home and abroad for its unique primitive ecological environment

Some people say that


It is neither to go nor not to go

Daocheng will regret not going

As a travel enthusiast, not going to daocheng may really regret it for the rest of my life

Its beautiful scenery is really a rarity in the world

Once known as the “soul of shangri-la”

Once, really will remember forever!

Daocheng will regret it

Then why did you say it and regret it

Daocheng means open space in the valley

This means that daocheng valley valley mouth terrain is very complex, very difficult to reach

Most of the beautiful scenery in daocheng is above 4500 meters above sea level

It takes a lot of courage to reach this unexplored no-man’s land

Most people develop severe altitude sickness halfway through their journey

It’s too much for ordinary people!

A lot of places

Maybe once in a lifetime

Only sichuan

Where you’ve been and want to go again!