As one of the most popular tourist destinations in China, Tibet attracts a large number of tourists to travel every year. The summer holiday is the peak season. In addition to the unique natural scenery, more attractive is Tibet’s religious beliefs, which cannot leave is temple, temples distribution in every corner of Tibet, jokhang temple, drepung, sera and samye, tashilhunpo monastery, and so on, these are all familiar with temples, and never miss Tibet travel clock in temples. There is a temple, few people know, located in the shannan area of the day care temple, almost 99 percent of tourists never come.

Lhasa is the first stop of the tour in Tibet. Besides the scenic spots in the downtown area, a one-day trip to yanghu lake is also a classic trip. Yamdrok lake, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, is the closest and most convenient to Lhasa. Most of the day tour itinerary is the same, starting from Lhasa, through the gangbala pass overlooking the sheep lake, then down to the west to the lake, through baidi township, langkazi county shannan or direct return to Lhasa. However, the range of the yanghu lake where the ritoji temple is located must be a small group customized by smugglers to go there. After going down the gangbala pass, it goes east, which is contrary to the itinerary of most one-day Tours. This is the general yamdrok lake circle route, which requires off-road vehicles, but buses cannot go there.

Duty barak mountain is the most classic YangHu Angle, and the was able to appreciate the surrounding YangHu most magnificent scenery scenery, to the east, sparsely populated, the road is good, after the east township of GangBa village, the village after the road need to walk the path of right, this is the road by day care temple, not old driver also it is hard to find a general drive to lead the way, because the map navigation but cannot be used here.

After an uphill, blue YangHu again here, and the end of the road is a lake island, the island is day care temple, is surrounded by the vast Tibetan grassland, no extra modern buildings, also the infinite images more pure, the way to the island, as if the world is toward the end of road, tears mood is excited, this is the first time I saw day care the feeling of the temple.

The car can drive until island, the island is like water, surrounded by YangHu, surrounded by only one driving road is connected with the land, the size of island, need to walk to climb to the daycare temple, the island is a mountain, known as day of winter, day care temple at the top, which means “the mountain stone” in the Tibetan language. In such a inaccessible place even such a temple, it is shocked.

Daycare temple building is also red and yellow, although the area is small, but it is also a complete temple, and already has seven hundred years of history, the most magical place, this is not a “site”, but the normal operation of the temple, the temple is a monk, one and only a monk, but he still chanting, daily practice, devout faith heartquake again, I can’t understand what kind of power make him stick to here. An island a temple a monk, this must be the loneliest temple in Tibet.

It is said that this monk can only speak Tibetan. Besides chanting sutras, he has to go down the mountain to carry water and climb the mountain. However, he has lived in this temple all his life. A few days ago, just under the snow, when we arrived and did not meet him, also did not visit the temple, only in the periphery of the turn, around is the magnificent sheep lake scenery, is never seen the sheep lake scenery, all the way sigh, at the moment also seems redundant. Standing on the temple walls of looking around, the vast boundless natural heaven and earth, Tibet – the last piece of pure land in the world, but there really is like the end of the world, I came here, there is a temple at the end of, the temple has a monk in practice, the scene, thinking about the end of the world, faith exactly is what kind of things, I still can’t get it, but at the moment my surge of emotion surge.

If you are confused about life, you might as well try traveling, come to the end of the world to see, maybe life has a new feeling!