“AiAi far village, yiyi market lane. Barking dogs in the deep lane, singing mulberry tree top.” If tao yuanming’s poem is reduced to reality, it is probably here…

It doesn’t look like it’s on a snowy plateau at all. It looks like it’s in the mountains of yunnan or sichuan. Not only that, this magical place is only 20 kilometers away from Nepal, so there are tibetans, han Chinese and nepalese there, as well as ethnic characteristics and exotic customs.

This is also a good point of repair after coming down from mount Everest, can greatly ease the discomfort brought by high altitude, is also a recommended place to go on the ali great circle line.

Jilong gully is the deepest of the five gullies of shigatse in the Himalayas.

Jilong gully not only has the significance of natural landscape, Nepal’s princess chizun married songtsan gambo via jilong gully arrived in Lhasa, the tang dynasty envoy wang xuanchi sent tianzhu, ji hu master and lotus master into Tibetan Buddhism through here, until the qing dynasty, this line is still the main international passage to South Asia.

Standing on the mara pass, see a snow mountain in the blue sky and white clouds under a sparkling. Through the prayer flags, jilong is only a faint shadow in the deep mountains. Although the silk road for thousands of years is still there, it has been very quiet. There is no longer the glory of merchants like before.

This is the xizang xanadu, walking along the path, my feet wading through the dewy grass, breathing the moist air, watching the sparkling pine branches. Looking ahead, the boundless forest is full of green and vitality, and the large and small streams and waterfalls adorn the mountains, and finally converge in the zangbo river in jilong.

The valley was shrouded in a faint haze, and the snow-capped mountains looked like shy girls hiding in a veil of mist. The breeze caresses my face, the moist air is mixed with the fragrance of the earth, the breath that closes an eye, relaxed and happy. Indian monk lotus also once said, this is a comfortable, happy village!

Kuala Lumpur,

From jilong county along the rugged mountain road and jilong zangbo south continue to drive 70 kilometers, is the core area of jilong ditch jilong town. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the town is surrounded by lush forests and lush vegetation under the snow-capped peaks. The grass on the pingba is woven and the air is moist and comfortable. It is hard to believe that jilong gully is in Tibet.

The three vertical and three horizontal streets in jilong are spacious and tidy, with neat buildings of Tibetan and nepalese style. Located in the center of the town is the thousand-year old Nepali style parbar temple. Prayer flags and cigarette smoke wreathing from the huge trees under the sway of weeping willows, where devout villagers come in the morning and evening to repeat their prayers.

Is the village

Nai village is located in the gully of jilong. It means “seat” in the Tibetan language, which is the holy place of god kaiguang ditch. This is located in the millennium old village on the china-nepal border, on the mountain south of jilong town, jilong county, rika region.

This small mountain village in the southern foothills of the Himalayas has not been developed. Most tibetans cannot speak mandarin. With the prosperity of jilong port, it is gradually known by people.

It is a pity to visit jilong without visiting nai village. This hilltop holy land is also a natural viewing platform, with snow mountains and glaciers, clouds flying in the sky, meadows and wetlands, and buddhist pagoda prayer flags.

The copper bell on the yak’s neck is near and far away, and the green barley fields are the background of this beautiful scenery. Not far from the birds singing clear pleasant ear, in the sunshine is a beautiful picture of sound and color.

Watching the snow-capped mountains in the distance, all the way to the small mountain village in the last light, cattle eating grass and slowly home, children playing hand in hand, the countryside at dusk is incredibly beautiful.

Gong pond city

Jilong county southwest, there is a winding road winding, has been leading to the south of the jilong ditch. On top of this road, along the top of the mountain, there is a tall land, especially spectacular under the blue sky and snow mountains, becoming one of the most eye-catching landscape outside jilong county — this is the guntang king city on the border of Nepal.

This magnificent ancient city, is the history of the tubo dynasty descendants established by the “gongtang dynasty” capital ruins of the outer boundary of the ruins, combined with the documentation, it can be preliminarily presumed that it was built around the 11th century AD. What I can see is just some broken walls, but it is enough to show the perfect pattern of the ancient city.

Snow mountains and blue sky under the plateau a quiet, only bursts of wind swept, the focus on this broken but does not lose qiyan castle, the figure of the former king and this towering ancient city like a silhouette overlapping, finally fixed in the sky of plateau history…