When talking about Tsangyang Gyatso’s hometown, many people think of litang first. In fact, Tsangyang Gyatso had never been to litang in his life, and this place was the saddest place in his heart. Because litang is the hometown of Tsangyang Gyatso’s lover.

Tsangyang Gyatso’s true hometown is in southern Tibet, a small border town called chowna. Chowna means “in front of the lake” in Tibetan. As its name implies, chowna lake has a unique style.

Go to wrong to meet the first lake – na ri yong wrong. There are many lakes of various sizes in hoona county, of which the nagyong lake is the most famous. It is like a blue “sky realm”, reflecting the blue sky of the plateau.

4900 meters above sea level, the lake is crystal clear, snow mountains, blue sky, white clouds are reflected in it. Because the lake is so blue, it is often unclear whether the blue sky reflects the lake or the lake reflects the blue sky.

Grid gung wrong in Loeb ditch ditch near the edge of the road, generally few people found this secret. To the wrong case in the morning to see, beautiful light and shadow, suitable for the old travel friends who love photography.

That’s Loeb ditch. Loeb ditch, a section of the grand canyon (the middle section of niangjiang ditch) stretching south in the eastern Himalayas. Unique geographical environment has created a unique ecological beauty: snow mountains, meadows, sea of flowers, virgin forests, waterfalls, streams, rare birds…

Enter Loeb ditch, far away, the sky clouds wreathing, ping qian dance, snow-capped peak, silver flash, among the cliff forest, the mountainside charming cui to drop, smoke curl, the stream below winding, waterfalls fly.

It is a collection of odd steep, wild, gentle features in one, both the fierce plateau canyon, but also the jiangnan land of fish and rice and quiet, like a dream.

On both sides of the steep mountain, a boulder like prone elephant, galloping horse, soaring eagle, different, vivid and realistic, black eagle nest in the cliff.

Waterfalls and streams, clever extremely: Loeb ditch water very clever breath, the bottom of the niangmu river into the mountain snow pure, dissolve the misty rain, clear countless lives and souls, with their own sanctity and passion shelter and nourish the Loeb menba people.

Loeb ditch is said to be the padma padma ashram. Here was a large stone, half human in height, about the size of three adults, said to be a sacred stone flown from India, bound with khatas. We turn from left to right according to Tibetan rules. There is a small footprint 20 meters from shenshi, which is said to be left by the lotus master when he was 8 years old.

Made me feel Loeb ditch is a fairy tale in a trench with a pair of tang’s monk teacher and pupil learn paintings, tibetans called “han lama”, it is said that the painting paintings reflect tang’s monk teacher and pupil four people pass by here to go to India for buddhist scriptures, vaguely see the appearance of tang’s monk in the picture, it is said that this painting paintings but no pig eight quit, because it is run to take a bath in the river.

Here can also see the practice of Tsangyang Gyatso zen, and the snow area of the lover to meet a span of a hundred years, listen to and not to whisper.

Loeb ditch, a fairytale world with beautiful scenery and legends.