What is the magic of Tibet?

So fascinating?

Maybe this article will give you the answer

More than once, I asked myself,

What’s so great about Tibet?

That haunts me,

Throughout his life for the displaced……

Is there no substitute for poetry?

The world’s top scenery?

Or the supreme and ultimate faith…

After all, Tibet,

What’s the big deal???

I think it’s probably because of that

Sacred mountain gather here!

Turn mountains, turn water, turn pagodas

As long as you’ve been to Tibet

You can’t escape the magic of the mountain

Even just a glance away

Devout worship, dare not forget

Kamiyama rinpoche

The famous eight sacred mountains in Tibet

Tibet alone owns four

Sit on half of the country

Eight sacred mountains in Tibet

Kang rinpoche (Tibet), kawag bo (yunnan), animaqing (qinghai), gaaduo kyaw wo (qinghai)

Himalaya (Tibet), yala shampang (Tibet), benji (Tibet), merdo (sichuan)

Okada rinpoche’s

Benzene, mountain

Holy lakes are flooding here

Tibet teeming with lakes

Like the blue gems set in the earth

Except for the famous three holy lakes


Harmony fault by m

Sheep ZhuoYong wrong

And the dots

All kinds of lakes with special features

Miracles bloom here!

For Tibet, the creator is always biased

Whether it is nature or the intelligent Tibetan people

Every minute is a miracle

Millennium plateau temple potala palace

Potala palace, built 1300 years ago, is the world’s highest altitude, a magnificent building integrating palaces, castles and monasteries, and the largest and most complete ancient palace complex in Tibet.

The wonder of nature zadatulin

Located in the territory of arizada county, zada Turin is a special landform formed by erosion of running water. It has a history of about 1100 years. Zadatulin is the ruins of palaces and monasteries in the kingdom of guge.

The magical kingdom of guge 1,300 years ago

Guge dynasty ruins are located in tolin town, zada county, ali region of Tibet, which was built by the tubo royal descendants of jingotiema with a history of 1300 years ago, leaving countless precious cultural relics and historical materials for later generations.

Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world

The most famous living Buddha poet cang Yang gyatso

Cang Yang gyatso, the sixth dalai lama, known as luo sang renqin cang Yang gyatso, is a famous poet and political figure in the history of Tibet. Cangyang gyatso is the most representative folk poet in Tibet. He wrote many delicate and sincere poems, many of which are still sung today.

Five children make a pilgrimage to Tibet

A pilgrimage to Tibet is a lifelong commitment of many people. Once someone was on the way into Tibet, saw a mother with 5 children, three steps a worship, all the way 4000 li worship to Tibet, can be called a miracle.

Faith in this majestic!

Not anywhere

More understanding of faith than Tibet

People here have been moving forward all their lives

What is the power of faith

Beautiful scenery here!

Beautiful scenery in Tibet

It is the dream place that all people pursue all their lives

Tibet is the only place in the world

Always amaze the time

Human affairs, only Tibet

Pure as the world was at first

Great place

The great Tibet