Glacier 40 has been known for many years and many times, but has never been of much interest. Just because people say they can drive very close to the glacier, almost effortlessly and without any distance contact, is no longer of great interest.

For no other reason than the change from the first time I saw the canola glacier to its present state has made me lose interest in glaciers that are easily accessible.

Kashubulu glacier

The first time to see the real ice tallinn was Kashubulu glacier in the keleqing valley of kashgar, xinjiang. Kashubulu glacier consists of six peaks, of which Kashubulu I and II peaks are the 11th and 13th of 14 8,000-meter peaks. Kashubulu glacier is surrounded by six peaks. I was never more shocked by that experience. Until now, I think of the feeling at that time has a penetrating sense.

At that time, I was shocked and stared at Kashubulu glacier for more than a minute, but could not move my eyes. At that time, my mind was like a repeater, and it played “I C, so beautiful, my wife CC is so beautiful” again and again. As a result, when I saw the canola glacier again later, my comments were accepted by the first and only “complaint” of my life.

The glacier of namnani

The second time I saw a decent ice tarin was at the foot of namnani peak in ali, Tibet, which is 7,694 meters above sea level. It is located in the western part of the Himalayas, opposite the kamiyama rinpoche peak, which is 6,638 meters above sea level. Tibetans call it “the peak of our lady” or “the peak of the goddess”. Others call it the “mother of icebergs”, echoing the “father of icebergs” in kashgar, xinjiang.

I still remember that the road to the base camp of namnani peak was long and high. By the time I got to the camp, it was all soft, freshly defrosted sand, and my feet splashed with water, making me worry that I might sink my tent at night.

But because of the distance to hook up the ice tallinn, three five divided by two put up a tent, we took the equipment to the ice tallinn front to engage. Kashubulu glacier was unequipped, so it was a real addiction to climb the ice tower at the foot of namnani peak.

However, on the third day after that, the visibility was reduced to less than 10 meters in the fog. A man was really worried when he walked on the crevassed glacier with no visible edge. He retreated 13 kilometers to the 207 provincial highway alone before he let go of falling into the crevassed glacier or being eaten by wolves.

Wild bokangale glacier

While I once thought Kashubulu glacier and namnani glacier (I don’t know what they’re called, but let’s call it that) were beautiful things to look forward to, this year I led xihapangma peak (8,027 meters above sea level, ranking 14th out of 14 8,000-meter peaks in the world). Southeast away from mount Everest about 120 kilometers, is a completely in China Tibet nyalamu county in the 8000 meters level peak) east, south, north slope of the super large loop crossing, I saw the xifeng north slope of the wild bokangale glacier, it really gave me a child to celebrate the New Year, wearing new clothes like joy. The exhilaration outweighed the fatigue of climbing more than 700 meters and hiking more than 20 kilometers the previous day.

Since the moment I saw Wild bokangale glacier, he has been on my recommended list. It is not only the shock when you watch it from a distance, but also the beauty when you take aerial photos. If you are physically strong, you can climb the side slope of more than 6000 meters and experience the feeling of a panoramic view of the river.