In the eyes of most people, Tibet is not only a mysterious place, it also has a vast area, and the national culture is also very distinctive, so since ancient times, the tibetans living in the high altitude area of Tibet, created a colorful national culture, also become a unique local scenery. It is also because of the spectacular natural beauty of Tibet that some places are forbidden to enter. The scenery there is fascinating but dangerous.

Qiangtang no man’s land is one of the four largest no man’s land in China. Located in nagqu and ali areas of the Tibet autonomous region, it is arguably the largest nature reserve in China. Established in 1993 with the approval of the people’s government of the Tibet autonomous region, it is a nature reserve mainly for the protection of the plateau ecosystem and rare wildlife. The notice on the prohibition of organizing illegal crossing activities in qiangtang national nature reserve prohibits organizing or carrying out illegal crossing activities in qiangtang national nature reserve, and it is strictly forbidden to conduct illegal crossing activities through qiangtang national nature reserve to altun mountain in xinjiang and kekexili national nature reserve in qinghai. Why is this no man’s land in Tibet banned?

Many people may be blind to the flood of curiosity, like to seek, explore no man’s land, but do not know how dangerous it is. No man’s land is a sparsely populated place, bad climate and environment, ordinary people can not live here for a long time. The movie “seven seventy-seven” believes that many people have seen, a man through no man’s land encounter some stories. In the evening, the temperature can reach minus 10 degrees Celsius, into the inside, almost can not find any food for people to eat, in the inside, you buy thousands of advanced mobile phone is like a brick, and in front of nature, human beings are very small.

No man’s land year round snow cover, permafrost permanent and soil paste together, oxygen is very thin, every step will be very difficult. Of course, in no man’s land, the wild animals become the owners. Wild animals, as the name implies, are animals that grow and reproduce in the wild. Internationally, they are defined as all kinds of animals that live in the natural environment without being raised in captivity. In general, it has the following characteristics: independent survival in the wild, that is, it does not depend on external factors (such as human power), and it has population and exclusivity. In harsh environments, predators in the animal kingdom need to rely on wild food to survive, in addition to being physically strong. In addition to wildlife, there are many areas of no man’s land that are swamps, and if you accidentally step on them, you’re not as lucky as stepping on dog poop.

Although it is forbidden to enter, there are still many explorers who are eager to have a try. Trekking through the qiangtang no man’s land is not only faced with the lack of oxygen brought by the high cold, but also the risk of getting lost, encountering the storm and snow, and even having no supplies. Many of us lack of understanding of the word no man’s land, there are people holding a lucky psychology through activities, once the accident, search and rescue is very difficult.

Although no man’s land retains the most primitive natural ecological environment and scenery, but we must not illegal crossing for the sake of temporary curiosity, responsible for their own is responsible for their families, but also for the protection of nature and wildlife.