Tibet’s first Temple: Samye Temple

Tibet’s first buddhist Temple is located in the southeast of Tibetan shannan Samye Temple, the Temple built in the 8th century tubo dynasty, combines Tibetan, han, India’s three kinds of style, the layout of the Temple, is according to the buddhist scriptures in the “living world” the structure of the layout design and become, solemn silence of Tibetan Buddha hall, devout prayer, let here is full of mysterious breath.

To sitting in a corner of the old man, of a Tibetan woman, Samye Temple give my feeling is sacred and solemn, Tibet is a Buddha edge deep place, more than 1700 large and small distribution here with Temple, the Samye Temple is one of them, Samye Temple also known as deposit to Temple, Temple, located in Tibet shannan zhanang county in the town of Samye, the yarlung zangbo river north shore, cloth of the mountain, there is also the first Temple of Tibet.

Samye Temple has a long history in the 8th century, then praise of red pine’s belief in Buddhism, he will be two of Indian buddhist master ji protector and padmasambhava meet please to promote Buddhism in Tibet, and decided to build a Temple for them, this is now the Samye Temple, the Temple was built for twelve years, into the Temple, you can see the long, the environment is very clean and tidy.

The whole Temple of Samye Temple sits in the north and faces south. The plane of the Temple is oval, and the layout is arranged according to the world structure in buddhist scriptures. The decoration style inside is typical Tibetan Buddhism style. The east gate is the main gate. No photos are allowed in the temple. I stood on the top floor of the temple and took photos of the red pagoda in the distance through the grid.