“If I tell you my dream, perhaps you will forget it.

If I let you in my dream, it will be your dream.”

— Tibetan proverb

Have you ever fantasized about an autumn trip

Spend time with the people you love

Go to a beautiful place

Look at the colorful mountains and rivers

Thick golden silence of the steppe

Look at the holy lake of snow mountain lit by autumn colors

Autumn is the best season for traveling

Temperature, neither too hot nor too cold

Color, the most colorful time of year

People, avoid the long holiday crowd

Xizang, the best place to go in autumn

There are two seasons in Tibet that make people crazy

One is spring and the other is autumn

In spring, Nyingchi is fragrant with peach blossoms

Autumn, with a shot is wallpaper

Xizang has the most beautiful autumn scenery

In this autumn, premeditated a color mutiny

Xizang autumn, the United States is more like a fairy tale, no impurities in the sky, clouds, lakes, the scenery of the four seasons will be condensed in the whole autumn.

The clear sky of the plateau is the brightest background color of Tibet. The blue is so crystal clear and pure and beautiful. The blue of autumn has gained another layer of freshness and tranquility.

The lake of xizang is the gem that inlay on plateau, they are glittering and translucent and graceful, quiet and magical, the lake of autumn, in the evening namuco is more sunset and solitary duck fly together, the autumn water is the same color of the sky, the United States is to let a person suffocate.

Yarlung zangbu grand canyon, set against the snowy mountains and glaciers and the lush primeval forest, is shrouded in clouds and fogs, mysterious and breathtaking in this season of autumn.

Autumn trees, golden pine forest, xuanqing valley, red maple leaf, white glacier, green lake, blue sky, together with a painting of a direct impact on the soul of the autumn oil painting.

The autumn of Ngari, more open and lofty, all the way to walk, all the way to feel the beauty of the wilderness, the heart only piety and awe.

Lhasa of autumn, with the other three seasons a year is different.

The poplar woods around The potala palace in autumn are dyed gold, with a thick layer of fallen leaves, rustling like an autumn melody.

Norbulingka in autumn, a different taste of ancient gardens.

Autumn Shigatse, with the most pure blue sky and white clouds and silver snow mountain background, the world’s unique Tibetan buddhist temple of the red walls of the golden roof, white pagoda and five-color prayer flag background……

Autumn Ngari, no matter how many years, have not taken away my thoughts of Ngari! It is xizang Ngari! Ngari autumn, is the appearance of heaven.

Shannan in autumn, the charm and vitality of the four seasons are condensed at this time, any poem and picture scroll are indescribable, far mountains near water, everywhere full of autumn temptation.

Autumn Qamdo, do not have a lasting appeal.

And the autumn that cannot miss most is Nyingchi’s autumn, her autumn does not lose to the peach blossom of spring absolutely, even in halcyon zhiyuan respect is superior.

Nnamjagbarwa mountain of Nyingchi

As the top of the ten most famous mountains, Nnamjagbarwa mountain is always covered with snow and steaming clouds. Autumn is the best season for photographing Nnamjagbarwa mountain. At this time, when the rainy season is over, Nnamjagbarwa mountain breaks away the clouds and reveals itself.

Nyingchi autumn NaYi ditch

NaYi ditch’s autumn has the magnificent atmosphere of the ancient forest, because of its magnificent temperament, so many people love her love get carried away, she is xizang autumn scene is the most warm place, but also the most colorful movement of xizang autumn.

Niyang river in autumn, Nyingchi

The autumn of Niyang river is the most attractive picture scroll of Nyingchi. The river changes from blue to green, echoing the white sand island and reddish branches. The beauty is like a dream.

Basum Lake in autumn, Nyingchi

A beautiful dream, a magical place, the Lake area is surrounded by maple woods, midautumn Basum Lake such as sapphire, inlaid in the golden sea, dazzling gold with the Lake deep blue, such as van gogh wanton brush strokes.

Nyingchi’s autumn Lulang linhai

Lulang linhai is colorful in autumn, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, meandering streams, vast forest and sea in the gully, colorful leaves, and neat meadows like artificial pruning in the forest, all drawing a picture of freehand brushwork.

Autumn Bowo in Nyingchi

There is a kind of beauty called “autumn of Bowo”, autumn is the most colorful season of Bowo, containing infinite reiqi of heaven and earth in the quiet, it is a xizang autumn color that you have never seen before.

Motuo of autumn in Nyingchi

“There is only one Motuo in the world, and Motuo owns the whole world.” Motuo, the lowest place in Tibet, has a breathtaking “lotus mystery” of beauty.

The hiking route from paizhen in mirin county to Motuo is known as “the first hiking route in China”. The tropical rain forest here is the fifth largest rain forest in China, with dense layers of plants that make you want to cry.

Tibet in autumn

The grandest feast of colors

This fall

Don’t be afraid to experience the most beautiful scenery