Tibet, the place that countless people yearn for, sacred and mysterious, but it is never heaven!

But it’s hard to explain why the landscape is so different from the rest of the world. So everyone who comes to Tibet says that Tibet is special and unique.

As is often said: don’t go to Tibet, will regret; Go to Tibet, will become addicted!

The beauty of Tibet cannot be told by hearsay. Only through deep understanding can one know the freedom from vulgarity and awe under the azure sky. Snow mountains, grassland, clear water, mountains, smoke, villages… Under the sun, its magic, its holiness, its clever, are you can not think of the scenery!

If you are lucky enough to go to Tibet, if you want to have a different memory, get rid of the stereotypical walk and see, try these 18 awesome experiences, maybe, you will look forward to the next encounter!

Against the cold highland wind

In the early morning or late afternoon

Watch an unforgettable sunrise or sunset

Among the mountains in the snow

Follow the Tibetan who turns the mountain, scatter a colorful longda

Feel the deepest prayer in your heart

Find a teahouse on a busy street

Drink a pure Tibetan tea

Basking in the warm sunshine, listening to the story of my family

Take a detour to the temple

The peace of the years

It may put you in a different mood

If I have time,

Go to a local temple to listen to a buddhist sutra, see a debate sutra

You might wonder what it means

But the monk exudes piety

Maybe it’s your way of opening up cognition

Ask the local people for permission

Use your camera and leave a happy face

Record their truest attitude towards life

Go round the mountain once,

A journey without distractions,

Perhaps your troubles will be gone by then

Follow the tibetans to the most efficent holy lake

No matter the wind and rain, the calm lake

Perhaps the deepest monologue

Get up close and personal with the pilgrims

Feel their total faith and devotion to Buddha

Look up at the quiet silence of mount Everest

Look at the highest point in the world

Feel the shock inside that I’ve never felt before

Find a place where the sky is clear

See the white clouds, see the curl of smoke

See the trees green, see the water gurgling

When I passed the mani heap

Add a mani stone

Take a good omen

Maybe you’ll feel better

Some say, traveling

Only food and beauty can live up to

To Tibet

Try some of the local specialties and enjoy a bite of Tibet

Wait until late into the night

Take a look at the beautiful night sky over the snowy plateau

Quietly counting the stars

Tomorrow, is still a beautiful day

Go to Everest post office, the highest post office in the world

Send a beautiful postcard to a friend far away

Use the oldest letters and tell them about the beauty

Experience a collection

That different style

Must be the most beautiful gesang flowers on the plateau


In the fire

Learn a few words of Tibetan, dance a guzhuang

Maybe you will show the most pure and sincere smile

Before leaving

Find a quiet place and sit quietly for a while

Drink a cup of sweet tea

Think of the story of the journey, feel the smile that can’t help

Walk in Tibet

Every view

Every story

And everything you do here

One day

Will be the best memory in your life

The rest of life is very long, why panic?

But always afraid that the rest of his life is short,

I haven’t seen the world yet,

And then it’s over…

2019, we’re on the road